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Ramo Steven Brompton [Preapproved Topic] Train%20Heartnet%20wallpaper
Name: Ramo Brompton

Age: 17
Personality: Brash and cocky is this guy's shtick.He is normally this way, but in the inside he holds a secret level of depth that can only be unlocked by close friends and allies alike.He is actually sensitive, and his ego is easily broken. He likes to take credit, and he is proud, but only of things he actually does.Due to his past relationships, he is prone to bouts of depression and Anti"hero" actions that border on villanry.

Race: Human

Weapon: Two shortswords that contain the essence of wind and fire themselves.He is sometimes known as the Fire Storm Fighter.

Class: Dual Wielder

Teleportation:He is able to teleport medium sized distances with extreme skill due to training on a differnent plane.He is often seen teleporting to get away.He can teleport with the maximum of four hundred pounds, that goes for people and object alike.He is training to increase the pounds he can carry.
Wind blade abillity:Using the power in his right blade, he can activate it to do a variety of wind based energy. This can go from whirlwinds to pure wind strikes.
Firere blade abillity:Using the power in his left blade, he can activate it to do a variety of fire based energy. This can go from strikes of fire to shooting fireballs.
Enegy control:Using the abillities he learned in the alternate plane, he can control energy to a certain extent.He is able to absorb energy using an anti-Typhoon abillity and can redirect it with a bit of effort.He can also fire the energy in the form of blast and beams.
Telekensis:While training on the alternate plane, he is able to lift lighter object.He can use this to a variety of his advantages.
Limit form one:He fuses his blades into one longsword and his skills improve at the cost of being tired right after.His hair turns a bright gray.
Limit form two:He breaks the blades into two bastard swords and his skills greatly improve along with his magical potency.His hair turns silver.
Limit form three:Locked
Limit form four:Locked

Additional Information:

Height:5 foot, two inches.
Hobbies:Fighting, fighting and even more fighting with the ocasionall reminsance.
Biography: Ge was born in twilight town and was raised there as a small child.He was born to a mysterious father, and became quiet a warrior, having to enter underground fights at the age of ten to pay for his mother's many diseases.His sister died to one , and he will never forgive himself for it.After his mother died, he entered a warrior's guild and school where he was trained even more, when he inherited his two blades as a gift from his mysterious father.Not questioning it, he met and fell in love with a girl simply known as Cissy.After she died, he decided to save the worlds from the heartless threat.He trained harder and harder, ending up in the pride lands.After meeting up with Prince Roko, he took off on a journey.Short therafter he met a very powerful witch of an alternate plane that had him spend twenty mental years of nonstop fighting.He learned many abillities and when he returned, he used them to fight off Sora when he went evil.He soon thereafter met Ashe, falling in love with her after a one night stand, sickened with himself after what he had done, he went temporairly antihero and destoryed many things along with his own pride.After that he fell into a coma, before waking up, he became more powerful due to his body taking an intense meditation.He is now two years older, and much wiser due to puberty.
Theme oneAge fifthteen:
Theme two Age Seventeen:[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8SWV5FsCd8[/Youtube]
Ramo Steven Brompton [Preapproved Topic] Train_Heartnet


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