Hitonasa Kishin[Father of Ramo]

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Hitonasa Kishin[Father of Ramo] Empty Hitonasa Kishin[Father of Ramo]

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Hitonasa Kishin[Father of Ramo] Grim_reaper1
Name: Hitonasa Kishin

Age: 250

Personality: Being a true nobody, he rarely shows emotions, but only fakes them.He has a great amount of interest in Ramo Steven Brompton, wanting to kill him and turn him into a nobody...

Race: Nobody.

Weapon: Scythe.

Class: Humanoid Nobody

Acces to the Corridor of Darkness:He is able to travel anywhere by acessing the corridor of Darkness.

Soul Destruction technique:He is able to use his scythe to reap through nearly any material, including darkness and light.

Soul Release:He is able to create mutiple clones of himself who last about five minuits before disappearing.

Penance stare:Depending on the sin of the soul that he fights, he is able either to possibly pause someone or make them stop moving completly.

Additional Information:
Weight:He weights 250 pounds in physical form
Appearence:Bone only figuire, who wears the dark cloak of what is nessary for somebodies to go through the corridor of darkness.
Goals:Reviving himself using Kingdom hears and turning his son to the Dark Side.
Weaknesses:He is prone to be weak to holy attacks, but not light.For example, cure is able to damage him greatly. But a light based attack won't.

Biography: Hitonasa was born as a demonic humanoid, who fed on the sins and darkness of humans.His weakness was always kind girls, and one day he met and fell in love with a human girl with the name Naomi Brompton.He impregnated her and married her afterwards.He became quiet a mage, and was there with Ramo for two years before impregnating Naomi yet again.He then began to research the dead when Naomi and the one year old daughter died of a mysterious disease.Finally, one day while experimenting, he brought back the zombiefied like remains of a strange creature.He was then killed, before Five year old Ramo came to the rescue, and managed to kill it.
When he first became a nobody shortly after, he was geniunly intersted in his son's achievement in the field of battle.He journeyed to the other plane to retrieve the blades that he now contains.He then began to embed the blades with dark energy before sending them off to Ramo.He watched from the darkness of his progress and now deems his worthy of being turned.His sudden transformation when he lost the blade revealed many things to him.One is that he is indeed a powerful warrior, but he contains demonic blood.Blood that he intends to awaken completly.He is also interested in joining the organization in order to come in closer contact with kingdom hearts and recieve his heart back to revive Noami Brompton, and live as a powerful overlord with his osn by his side.
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Hitonasa Kishin[Father of Ramo] Empty Re: Hitonasa Kishin[Father of Ramo]

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