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Post by Revya on Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:46 pm

(The boy, of course.)
Name: Cameron Shadows
Age: 19

Personality: Essentually a loner, who hates hero wannabes. Very much like Squall Leonhart, in Dissidia. Rejecting most people who try to be his friend. However, if you manage to befriend him, Cameron will be loyal to you.
Race: Human

Weapon: Two gunblade
Class: Dual-Wielder
Limit Break - Game Over - Repeatedly shoots his opponents, into the sky, then slashes at them, around three times, before alternating between shooting and slashing. After about the fifth shot and slash, he stops, and declares, "This is the end!" and finishes off the limit break with a strong slash, similar to the ending of Squall's EX Burst in Dissidia.
Biography: Cameron was originally from the Destiny Islands. When he was kicked out, when the Darkness attacked, he slowly began to hate the hero wannabes he kept seeing, thinking everything was going to be alright, and there was no need to worry. "..If you act all happy, and wish for everything to be as right as rain, you'll never live." became his motto.

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Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:44 am

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Nice LB btw :3

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