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Sora the Dwindling Sky/Akari A Burning Heart Empty Sora the Dwindling Sky/Akari A Burning Heart

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Name: Sora

Age: At the Start of the Rp: 12; Currently: 14

Personality: To begin with, Sora was a very cowardly and timid young boy. He was very intellegent admittedly, but many a time this was drowned out by his fear of speaking his opinion. Because of his shy ways, Sora often was thrown into situations he couldn't handle, and even though wanting to help, messing everything up was something he was good at so many a times he ran to get help. Currently, Sora has grown out of tha tshy timid personalilty. He is still very polite to all he meets and tends to be a very quiet one, but he also has a very strong resolve to help and save those in need. He has grown to be brave even in the face of death feeling that he will not die until he completes his mission.

Race: Human

Weapon: The Keyblade of Light

Class: Keyblade Wielder

Spells/Abilities: Spells:

  • Fira
  • Blizzaga
  • Thundaga
  • Cura
  • Aeroja
  • Gravira
  • Reflectara
  • Magnet (Tier 2)
  • Confuse (Tier 2)
  • Poison (Tier 2)
  • Esunar

    Abilities: {Enhanced Physical Traits}: Sora due to numerous trials through his adventures and trainings with many, has become more physically atoned thanthe normal human. He is faster, sharper, more agile, quicker with reflexer and a quicker thinker making him more competent in battle.

    {Wind manipulation}: As the grandson of the wind god, Sora has innate and natural control and affinity to wind. This allows him to control the element even on a molecular level making him one of the most powerful wind users.

    {Keyblade of Light}: Chosen by the keyblade of light, Sora is able to use the keyblade in many different ways. Being trained by the first wielder of the weapon has allowed Sora to unlock it's true power and latent potential. Even though not a master, Sora is very powerful with the weapon

    {High Rate Regeneration}: Due to being connected with Akari, Sora is able to use his power of regeneration to rapidly regenerate his body. This means small wounds heal in seemingly seconds nd larger wounds take no where near as much time. Having a connection with Jinsei this ability is amplified.

    {Nobody and Shadow Control}: Sora due to his different affiliations, has absorbed and gained power of different entities and beings. Jinsei being one of darkness has allowed Sora control of darkness to a molecular level, however the boy tries not to use it as it taps at his sanity levels. Working with the wizard Marix, has made Sora useful in the magical attributees as well. However due to not finishing training he hasn't reached the same level. Due to both affiliations, Sora can control Pure Darkness Heartless, and it has yet to be seen whether he can control nobodies or not.

    {Sync Blade}: Sora holding two hearts of two keyblade wielders allows him the ability to dual wield keyblades making him that much more potent.

    {Heart Link (Falsified)}: The true potential and power of this ability has yet to be seen. Sora is suspected to have it naturally, but so far he is only seen using a much weaker and "false" version of the technique. The Heart link is an ability that is related to it's name. It allows the user to unleash the limiters of hearts and link them together when their will is near one and the same. This ability can perform many things due to this. Whether reversing events or time, making one potentially stronger, or even allowing one to perform miracles. So far, it has been seen able to connect with the hearts of humans, and even the hearts of worlds, and other heartless.

    Additional Information: Height:


    Hobbies: Many.

    Eye Color: Changes. Either Sky Blue, or Fire Red.

    Affiliations: Heroes

    Quotes: "If my friends can't see in the darnkess, I'll light up the sky and show them the way!"

    Biography: "....A Dream is Like a Reality, they are both just as painful..."
    "I want to help them all, isn't there anything I can do?"
    "We'll go together."....This is the story of a young boy, one who's heart started frail and weak, but would grow to outmatch all else, and a lost heart who would find a home and reincarnate a hero. This is the story, of Sora, the Dwindling Sky...

    Sora was born a boy of very intresting decent. His father was a demi god and his mother a mortal, however Sora had no clue of that at the time. The thing that was intresting about him, was his albino skin and snow white hair. It ccouldn't be understood how something of such could have happened, as Sora's fathers hair was black and his mothers hair brown, snow white was not something seen in the blood line. Even with odd traits however, Sora was still a loved little boy. Frail at birth, it was suggested he wouldn't live much past the age of one, however due to a miracle, the child managed to survive and grew on his own. Due to weaker organs, Sora couldn't run, jump, and mess around like the other boys could without reprecussions, so it was often seem with him either being last picked or sitting out of games that the children on destiny island would play. Due to this, Sora gained an affinity to reading and spending time on his own. He was very quiet and conserved, and in his parents eyes thay were said as it seemed the boy was being rejected. Sora, himself didn't understand until he was explained it, wub even then he was was sad. A few years had passed, and at 5 Sora was beginning to ge ta bit more accepted, he played a bit more, and was more healthy, however this really didn't excel until he met a boy named Aden. Aden, was above all else, popular. A boy with much love and affection for his freinds, he was athletic and great looking. He was quick, and good at everything he did seemingly always surpassing Sora at it. The competition grew to an unfriendly rival hood as the two tried to compete out for positions of who being the best at what. Usually, this ended with Aden as the winner, but, this would all soon change.

    It was the night of nights. Sora had been out in the full moon, his snow white hair glistening in the moon light giving it a majestic glow. The boy was by the ocean side crawling in the sand looking for a clam he had saw recently that morning to sho w his mom. Sora, didn't know that on full moons, Tides rise higher searching for that star shell, Sora cam across a floating light. Talking to it, Sora felt it was cold, and seemed lonely so he placed it inside his chest to keep it warm. Well, it wasn't till moments after, that Sora was caught by the tide and thrown out to sea. That exact same night, Aden had visited the beach for affairs of his own account. It was inevitable for him not to have seen Sora, and when he did he quidckly rushed into the waterto save the boy. Sora himself couldn't swim, so as he began sinking towards the bottom, Sora began to fall into a slumber slowly appearingin the Awakening. luckily, Sora was saved before the full experience could run through, and it was that night that Aden and Sora's relationship met a whole new level

    Since that day, over the next two years Aden and Sora became best friends and did everything together. One lead, and one usually followed, one was courageous and the other a bit more reclusive but they always had each other backs. One day, a girl came, and when she came, everything changed. She, ended up befreinding Aden and Sora, but she then became the one in control. She, was a very scary girl who constantly spoke her mind on matters. Usually forcing the two out of trouble, she was seen as a big sister like figure even though Aden had been the oldest. The three of them, as well continued on daily lives and adventures....until the darkness came. With it's arrival, Destiny Island was completely wiped out, and Sora barely escaped with his life. When he awoke, it was in the world he would soon come to know as Deep Jungle. With no sign of his friends, it was then Sora's journey began.