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Name: Ace Leonhart

Age: 20

Birthplace: Destiny Islands (?)

Gender: Male

Species: Somebody

Classes: Gunblade-Dual-Wielder / Magician

Height: '"/185 Cm.

Personal Equipment:
Ace's Clothes: He wears clothes similar to what once Squall Leonhart used, in his times of SeeD and Balamb Garden.

Twin Blades: He has the ability to summon two swords, one being totally black, and the other, totally white. He doesn't need to fight with the two of them at once, but he can if he needs it. They're pretty much indestructible, but if something manages to break one of them or both, Ace could just summon them again.

Revolver: After gaining a strange gun shaped blade from Sgrios, Ace has been able to summon it. It is a sword with a revolver chamber, which serves as the hilt for the blade. Ace’s new weapon was the Gunblade, the Revolver model. Despite its name, it cannot be used as an actual gun, meaning it does not fire projectiles, and can therefore only be used in melee combat. It has a trigger and when he pulls it, the blade vibrates at speeds that excell 100 mph and it somewhat explodes when slashing something.

Lion Heart: Of Gunblades, the finest model is the Lion Heart. It requires rare items to be remodeled to its highest quality. Sporting an Assault Rifle Handle this Gunblade possesses the ability to switch between different fire settings. It’s the best Gunblade ever created, if Revolver already packed a punch, you can imagine what the Lionheart is capable of. Ace managed to get one once he was trapped in Disney Castle, after the devastation of the other Worlds, a Moogle designed one for him.

Summon Weapons: Ace has the ability to summon his weapons, just like almost everyone in Kingdom Hearts does. Until now, he is able to summon his black and white blades, as well as his Gunblade, a present of Sgrios, the one that trained him under Yen Sid’s orders.

Sword Mastery: Ace has been training with his blades for almost all his life, which made him a hell of a dual wielder.

Focus Blade: Ace is able to focus all his energy into any blade that he possesses. When he does that, his blade gets much stronger, lighter and resistant than before.

Combat Experience: Ace has been fighting for 8 years now. That gave him a great advantage in combat. It's almost impossible to catch him off guard, pretty unusual to surprise him and he can think of battle strategies in the heat of battle, without losing his focus.

Limit Break – Renzokuken: After some intense training into Alex’s Ship Simulator Room, Ace managed to discover a technique, which he named Renzokuken, it seems like a simple technique, but it’s quite difficult to actually do it, as he can only use it while in his Limit Break state. He does a series of high-speed slashes, using his blade of choice, even better if it’s with the Gunblade, because he can then pull the trigger to do even more damage, without any loss in speed.

Spells: Ace is versed in a good selection of spells, such as:
Cure spells, such as Cure and Cura.
Fire spells, such as Fire, Fira and Firaga.
Thunder spells. such as Thunder, Thundara and Thundaga.
Wind spells, such as Aero, Aerora and Aeroga.

Limit Break – Guardian Forces: Ace has been given 3 Guardian Forces, or GF to be short, which he can summon in battle when the tides are against him. They cannot die, but can be defeated, and if that happens, he cannot summon then until they recover, which takes a good time to happen. The GF are:

Ifrit, the GF of Fire: He takes the form of a beast like humanoid who has the appearance of some sort of fire demon, with horns ans stuff. His signature attack is called Hellfire and deals scorching Fire-elemental damage to all opponents, something close in power as a Firaja. He can also cast Fire spells, like Fire, Fira and Firaga. He’s resistant to any kind of Fire magic, being able to actually absorb it.

Shiva, the GF of Ice: She takes the shape of a blue-skinned woman with clothing of the same color. Her signature attack, Diamond Dust, deals Ice-elemental damage, something close in power as a Blizzaja. She can also cast Ice spells, like Blizzard, Blizzara and Blizzaga. She can absorb Ice magic, so it doesn’t do any damage when casted on her.

Quezacotl, the GF of Thunder: He always appears as a Lightning-based summon, and as a winged creature of some sort. He calls forth strong thunder and wind, being able to cast both thunder and wind magic. He's able to cast Thunder, Thundara and Thundaga, as well as Aero, Aerora and Aeroga. His signature attack, Thunderstorm, in which he calls forth a powerful Thunder Storm that, is something close in power as a Thundaja. He can also absorb Thunder magic, so it doesn’t do any damage when casted on him.

Enhanced Physical Power: Due to being fused with his Guardian Forces, drinking a “Get stronger quick” potion and the various training that Ace has done along all his story, he's stronger, faster and more resistant than the average Somebody. Those powers are boosted even more when he calls one of his Guardian Forces, in his Limit Break state. For example, in normal situations, this boost would be of 1800% his normal overall power, while being at his Limit Break state the boost would go up to 18000%.

Draw Magic: Other ability awakened within Ace due to his junction with the Guardian Forces is the Draw Magic skill. He’s able to steal a target’s magic, being able to use it afterwards, however, it can only be used as many times as he draw it from the original user. For example, a Black Mage cast Firaja on him, Ace, to protect himself, used Draw and stocked that Firaja within his body, he is now able to cast it one time against anyone. Also, the draw can be used to steal any magic that the target knows, even if the target never casted anything in front of Ace, it’s like an invasion in the target’s mind, that said, the draw can fail if the target has a stronger mind than Ace and it’s capable of blocking his mind. However, if the magic is casted, Ace can steal it without resistance. The Draw Magic skill is a way to use magic you usually don’t know, as well as a means of defence and a way to counterattack magic cast on the user of this skill. For now, Ace is only capable of using this skill with level 2 magic, like Fira, Thundara and Blizzara...

Lion Heart: Ace is gifted with a very strong heart. He survived alone for 2 years, fighting off Heartless, Nobodies and whatever that crossed his path. That alone gave him a heart strong enough to wield a Keyblade, if he's given the opportunity.
Also, if someday his heart might be separated from his body, his Heartless will be one of the Highest class and his body will surely become a Nobody with human form...

Description: A young lad with a resolute look on his face, his eyes are blue and his hair is brown. He has a scar in his forehead, made by a Heartless in his first actual fight for survival.

Personality: He's very serious and quiet, that gives him a very mysterious appearance. He's not much talkative, not talking at all if he doesn't find necessary or if no one talks to him. He's kind and will try to help anybody who might be in danger.

History: Ace was born in Destiny Islands, and there he spent almost all his youth playing with his friends without any worries, like any child should do.
But in the First Crisis that brought that World to his doom, he managed to escape, just like Riku and Sora did at that time. Although Ace didn't appeared in the events that took place after that, he was traveling all that time across the worlds, at first training with two pieces of wood, that he used as swords, but at his first actual fight, after being slashed in his forehead by a Heartless, he went into a rage and managed to discovered his natural power to summon his own weapons, like almost everyone in Kingdom Hearts does. Those weapons were two blades, one was totally white, while the other was totally dark...
That battle ended with him slashing all the Heartless that were attacking him at that time, he managed to survive...
He survived alone for almost 2 years, traveling and fighting across every place that he crossed. Until a Mercenary Organization, known as SeeD, found him. It was the same SeeD that once fought against the Sorceress, in a distant world. And with this world consumed by Darkness, that Organization survived and now was like that 12 year boy, traveling the lands and recruiting people, with the sole purpose to train them, in the hopes that one of them somehow managed to became the Legendary Keyblade Wielder, with the purpose of saving the worlds from Heartless, Nobodys and whatever more appeared to bring chaos.
Then, after a 6 year training with SeeD, Ace became a SeeD cadet himself, learning in his training how to use his swords at such a high level that he was considered one of the best. There, he also learned a good selection of magic.
Now, being a full fledged SeeD, he was ready to go out across the Worlds once again, now with a clearer objective, more than just survival and get stronger... Now he was in a quest to obtain the Keyblade and save the worlds...
Ace was first dispatched to a World named Port Royal, there he met new friends and actually joined them, one of them had a Keyblade and with that alliance, he learned more about them, actually, almost everything that had to be learned. But Ace was still in his search to obtain his own Keyblade...
Some days passed and lots of things happened, but one of them actually seemed to put Ace again in his way to the Keyblade, the appearance of a really strong guy, who almost killed them all, he had the power to do so if he wanted and things didn't went that far only because another really strong guy appeared to fend him off, that was Yen Sid, an old magician that was really powerful and very well known. Yen Sid said that they should visit him in his tower, so he could train and prepare them to survive encounters with guys powerful like that one, that could have killed us all...
While waiting for the day that they would go to Yen Sid's tower, Ace began training like crazy, using the Simulator Room in Alex's and Taro's Ship. He contacted Headmaster Cid, who was the leader of SeeD, and did his report, on the things that had happened and of his actual situation. Sensing the danger, the Headmaster sends him SeeD's most powerful "Weapons", those were the Guardian Forces, or GF to be short, they are superior beings from another dimension and they usually are summoned by SeeD members, to aid them in battle in tight situations. Ace received 3 Guardian Forces, Ifrit, the GF of Fire, Shiva, the GF of Ice, and Quezacotl, the GF of Thunder. When they fused with him, Ace felt stronger, they had boosted his physical and magical power...
Now Ace was even more confident, he was ready, for almost everything...
Then at last the day of his training with Yen Sid had come, but once in Yen Sid’s tower, he was surprised that the one who would train him would not be Yen Sid, but Sgrios, a mysterious swordsman who managed to teach a lot to the young SeeD cadet.
In the end of his training Ace received a new weapon called the Gunblade, which was some kind of blade fused with a gun, now he had to master this new weapon, which was one hell of a task.
While everyone was training, some powerful enemies appeared and destroyed Yen Sid’s tower, despite that, everyone managed to survive the attack.
After that, Ace trained in almost all his free time, doing some important things at the same time. One of them was a battle against Sora, who had succumbed to darkness. He also helped to save Destiny Islands, which he believes to be his Home World…
With that accomplished it seemed that happy times would come, but he knew that it wasn’t true, he knew that they still needed to free the other worlds from Heartless, Nobodies and whatever more appeared. So he never stopped his training, until at last one day, he mastered the Gunblade, at the same time he discovered a new technique with it.
Then… Darkness seemed to prevail, as almost all the Worlds were devastated, the one and only that was left was nothing less than Disney Castle.
Everyone that was on the side of the light managed to take cover there. That said, Ace managed to find a Moogle capable of crafting him the most powerful Gunblade ever made, the Lion Heart, after obtaining it, he seemed to vanish. The fact is that he was in intensive training, his objective, mastering the use of two Gunblades, one in each hand. After 2 years of training, he was able to do it and for his surprise in his come back… He was appointed Leader of the Rebellion.
What will Ace do from now on? He has yet to discover this...


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