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Post by Emilyee on Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:54 am

Appearance often will change so no pic

Name: Zoki Foreman


Personality: Exotic, Slutty.

Race: Human

Weapon: dual Magnum pistols, a shotgun, 4 ft venom dipped sword, and a sniper.

Class: Prophet- in the basics a Prophet is a guardian of the universe.

Spells/Abilities: Rift teleport: Opens a rift in space and time from one place to another. Life force drain Attack- She absorbs a living object's life and makes it into some offensive object.

Additional Information: 5'7, 124 LBS, a whore.

Biography: Grew up without parents on Cerubia, found the previous prophet who was near death. the Prophet gave her a crystle and said '' Young one *wheeze* you must continue the legacy become the prophet'' he died she touched the crystle and it glew before it went into her skin a green and blue flash happening, she became the new prophet when she was six now twelve years later she is a young adult ready for nearly anything. her parents were killed..by naturaly causes.


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