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Post by crox22 on Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:31 am

Name: Marusu Wakusei

Age: 17

Personality: A firey soul, that is what drives Marusu Wakusei, in a total contrast to that of her sister Yupiteru. Nomrally shes very calm and conrolled, like a candle flame, but even the smallest of things could set her off, and turn the gentle flame, into a roaring inferno of fury and rage.

Race: Human

Weapon: As a Mage her obvious weapon of choice would be a staff. Though unlike most Mages, hers more intricate and universally intuned, in comparison to some being more arcanly intuned.

Class: Mage


Flare - A high level Fire spell, whilst costly to the caster's stamina, the damage output it leaves is nigh unmatchable.

Firaga - The third tier of the Fire Spell. Strong, yet not quite the strongest.

Wall of Flames - A barrier like spell, creating a wall of flames for as long as the caster remains in one set postion.

Heart of Fire - A status buff, that gives the target an increase in both Fire damage, but Fire Immunity. Though casting this spell would negate her attackign for a short while as she builds up her strength,

Additional Information: Standing at 5' 7", and 123 lbs, Marusu is the elder of the two sisters, yet the sister with the smaller chest, in comparrison to the rather more busty Yupiteru.

Biography: At 17 years of age, Marusu follows through with her blazing spirit of Mars, and feels like the world is hers, like shes got it all figured out. Since her birth on the 24th day of March, she's led a rather easy life, mind and body more fueled on her rash ideals and desires, then the quiet, yet brilliant ideals of Yupiteru. Though the two have both struggled in their teachings in their planitary magic teachings, their experiences have only hardened their natures, and Marusu's specifically has been learned in the knoladge that a deciple of Mars, upon graduating the school, is an unstopable, all knowing jugornaut of universal magic that can not proven wrong or bested. Since her Graduation she has caught up with her elder sister Yupiteru on Cerubia, kicking ass and taking the names of any monsters or Heartless that come her way, regardless of whether or not it's a good idea.