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Post by Lillytopbottom on Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:03 am

Name: Daisy Flora

Age: 16

Personality: She's not very adventurous and more then ever she loves the truth, and if she feels it's neccesary she'll tell someone the cruel truth, but is usually considerate of people's feelings. When talking to her she usually goes on and on about the history of what happened where they are. However, you can' argue that she isn't an absolute genius, she can formulate a plan to defeat enemies.

Race: Human

Weapon: Tomes and/or grimoires

Class: Scholar: Like Red Mages, Scholars have access to White and Black Magic but with a far greater range of spells from which to choose - and often automatic access to sensory magic. The trade-off is a lack of offensive ability; unlike Red Mages, Scholars may not wield swords or daggers, and instead go into battle armed with tomes or grimoires.

Spells/Abilities: Clairvoyance: She has the ability to use her magic to greatly augment her normal sight so that she can see ahead, but she can't use magic while using clairvoyance yet, however.
Fire, Fira
Water, Watera
Blizzard, Blizzara
Thunder, Thundara
Cure, Cura

Additional Information: She's 4 foot 5 and she weighs 110 pounds. Her hobbies are reading, studying history, and going on with a conversation, she often stops while exploring to examine the walls of a dungeon, or pillars in search of knowledge.

Biography: She was born at Disney Castle , as a child she loved bedtime stories and when she became 5 years old she heard a story that was supposed to scare children into being good, instead it boggled her mind and she set out to look for the boogieman, and eventually she found her dad dressed up as the boogeyman, but she eventually unzipped the fake costume and she laughed about it. That day she went to the library and began to read children's books, and by the time she was 7 she was already beginning to read books for teenagers, and she started to read books that were even father from her age until she just stumbled upon a grimoire of a witch at age 10, she soon was entranced by the magic in the grimoire and she soon learned magic from the grimoire and soon discovered her clairvoyance ability. As a genius before becoming 16 years old she graduated college due to skipping so many grades. Now she works as a minor scholar for the king, and to being the librarian. She continues to find tomes to learn spells with the tomes, using each new spell to release a seal to the witch's grimoire. Hoping to learn more sight spells.

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Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:19 am

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