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Post by EdenFairy on Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:13 pm

Vexelle  Gaia_i10



Very charming, flirtatious, and self-centered. Vexelle cares about her looks over all and went over the limit by customizing her Org. XIII uniform, she seems to adore attention, but yet she is very demanding. She has a temper, and the tongue and is very sassy around others.




Vexelle is decent with agility, she can keep up with most people. She is perfectly fit, and with her lovely flexible body she can do most things that people can not do. Along with her demon-like wings she is able to fly, and is able to use her demon-like tail to lash at her opponents like a whip.

Aiguilles: Vexelle's main weapons are needles. The amount of the needles she own are infinite, they will never run out. Vexelle can throw the needles, or slip them between her fingers and use them like claws. The needles are coated with a special poison, that can slow down a person, and leave the part of their body that was hit by the needles unmovable. The Needles are also attached with a special wire that are wrapped around Vexelle's fingers, so if the foe was hit by multiple of these their body would be completely paralyzed and Vexelle would be able to control them like Puppets. Vexelle is very familiar with the vital parts of the body, so she could possibly stop someone's mana flow, and kill them.

Vexelle doesn't have a past, she doesn't even know how she was created. Vexelle was lost, and was confused. She only had one choice and one group to turn to and that was the Org. XIII . Vexelle didn't question anything, she just joined it.

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Vexelle  Empty Re: Vexelle

Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:11 am

You don't start out as an Org 13 member... And it's not a class e.e

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