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Post by Ace Ryunoske on Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:15 pm

Nameless - Human Magi

Name: He actually doesn't have a name.

Age: 16

Personality: He is extremely quiet, and mysterious. He keeps to himself, and if he gets his way, you'll never see him.

Race: Human

Weapon: He knows of how to use many weapons, however, currently fights with his hands

Class: Hidden (Somewhere in between Ninja, and Paladin)


Stealth: He's fairly good at hiding himself, sometimes making those who are looking directly at him wonder if they found him. He steps silently even when sprinting, and sometimes, out of pure instinct uses his surroundings to hide himself. Because of this, he can willingly twist himself into strange positions, so that he can fit himself in very small places, and move through them.

Knowlege: He can pinpoint, given time, even minor weaknesses in most structures, allowing him ways to disable his opponents, so that he could escape a battle - since he does not enjoy close combat very much - though it's not to say that he isn't able to hold his own.

Height: 5'5

Weight: 100 lbs

Hobbies: Staying away from other people.

Biography: He was born to a dead mother in an alleyway. Picked up by traveling thieves, he was deemed strange upon learning his first words. As soon as he has learned to speak - he stopped, only speaking when nessessary. He spent a great deal of time learning his surroundings - as if constantly aware that his parents were gone, and he was being led down the wrong path. At the age of five, he started killing the band that abducted him, his abilities to defend himself showing much better then anyone his age was supposed to be. Eventually, he learned techniques he felt were vital to his survival, and began living in hiding - with a hidden fear of humanity.

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Nameless - Human Empty Re: Nameless - Human

Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:44 pm

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