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Aden, the Drowning Sorrow   Empty Aden, the Drowning Sorrow

Post by Deen on Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:57 pm

Aden, the Drowning Sorrow   26715910

Name: Aden

Age: 16

Personality: Aden, is headstrong and very opinionated. Even before the darkness corrupted him. But now since he has let his heart open to the darkness he has become merciless and sharp tongued. Arrogant even. He will use others as pawns and even sacrifice those whom considered him a friend. Nothing will keep him from his goals.

Race: Human

Weapon: A Dark Keyblade

Class: Dark Spell Blade. Basically a spellblade, but he is evil. Heartless still attack him and what not.

  • Firaja
  • Blizzaja
  • Thundaja
  • Aeraja
  • Reflect (Tier 2)
  • Magnet (Tier 2)
  • Dark (Tier 4)
  • Cura
  • Ultima

[Darkness Manipulation] Being one whom has darkness in their heart, Aden can manipulate that very element, using it as a weapon, means of transportation, and even as a shield.

[Evil Disposition] Being evil and having the power of darkness Aden can influence and sometimes even control Heartless.

[Natural Strength] Aden has always been strong, and Agile for that matter. His new found powers only augment his natural abilities.

[Shadow Empire Ruler] Aden can command Heartless as he sees, making them do anything he wants.

[Shadow Flow] Aden can melt into the ground and appear on different worlds.

[Dark Keyblade] Aden has a dark keyblade thanks to Shadow Silhouette. It functions as a normal keyblade only it can unlock worlds and the hearts of people. As well as corrupt worlds.
Height: 5'8

Weight: 165

Hobbies: He has many hobbies, but he is too busy to do any of them.

Aden grew up on Destiny Islands. He lived a great life, he had plenty of friends, was popular with the girls, and was one of the most athletic kids there. Even from a young age, he was always the kid everyone wanted on their teams, always the kid they wanted at their parties. He grew up without a care in the world. Eventually he met a frail kid, Sora. he didn't think of him much, always the one who was left behind or picked last. He felt sorry for him, but other than that never really talked to the boy. As time passed however things changed, Sora became better, stronger, faster, of course Aden always out did him. This grew into a large rivalry between the boys. So much so that they began to compete in everything.

One fateful night however Aden had wanted to clear his head, something about that night just seemed strange. He was restless and couldn't sleep. Aden traveled to the beach, taking his time and looking at the stars, how beautiful the night was. He entered near the water, letting the tide was up on his feet, he truly did live in a paradise. All this came to an end however as he saw Sora, struggling in the water. Without a thought Aden broke out into a sprint, fighting against the heavy water, trying to get to the boy. Eventually he did, Sora was unconscious and he used all the strength he had to bring him back onto land. he collapsed next to Sora once he had figured out he was breathing, totally exhausted. That night those boys became the closest of friends.

From then on everything was always "Sora and Aden" if Sora did something, Aden was right next to him. If Aden got picked for a team Aden refused to not have Sora with him, and Vice Versa. Together they were unstoppable, although they did butt heads quite a bit. That problem was solved however when a mysterious girl appeared. She instantly became a part of the boys' lives. No longer did they get to butt heads, she always put a stop to their bickering and told them what to do. It wasn't bad though, they were the best of friends. But no one could have predicted what would have happened the night the Darkness ascended. In the commotion Aden was separated from Sora. Eventually leading him to getting cornered by the shadows. In his last moments Aden put away his fear and dropped to his knees. He had failed to protect Sora and their friend, at least that's what he had thought. In the end he accepted his fate, thinking of himself as only a failure. In that moment the Darkness seized his heart, planting its seed. Everything then went black. He woke up on a strange place, alone and without memory of how he got there.

His quest started as a journey to get back home and pray that his friends were okay. However as he time progressed so did the darkness in his heart. He began to blame the others, for being weak and useless. He soon discovered his powers and began to amass followers. During those two years he learned of the worlds, the Shadow Empire, and the other factions. The darkness began to wash everything away, his memories, his perception of that night, and ultimately his goals. Now he aims his sights for true power, true darkness. Him and his Organization are known as Sorrow. This is where his story begins. . .

Sorrow is nothing anymore, wiped out by a Lockheart named Thunder. Aden has since been made ruler of the Shadow Empire, the "old" ruler living inside him, giving him power. Aden however is clueless to this and thus thinks he absorbed SS's powers.

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Aden, the Drowning Sorrow   Empty Re: Aden, the Drowning Sorrow

Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:25 am

Poison isn't allowed.. That's my ONLY complaint Smile Other than that, approved! Poison has been removed from your list. Sorry for the issue.

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