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Post by Meme1995 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:35 pm

Name: Inspector Cabanela

Age: 32

Personality: A very lanky and carefree fellow. He's very funky with his language and clothes, but has a very slick and smart logic and deduction skills. Some say its a natural knack he has. He's not much of an "outstanding star" and mostly works in the sidelines as the "backup dancer".

Race: Somebody

Weapon: Sniper Rifle (with Sound Surpressor), Police Baton and Tazor.

Class: Sharpshooter

1. Has awesome mentality skills. He's like a Phoenix Wright or Miles Edgeworth, meaning he can get intel or juicy gossip easily with his funky stealth moves.
2. Has good aim/marksmanship due to his time on the police, though this skill might be "a little rusty".
3. Has a police baton, which he's really good at using and can make someone get dazed with a hit to the head and can knock out someone cold with a couple of whacks. He's also got a tazor, bitches.
4. Can make doing normal things look like a dance coreography with his cool moves cause he can.
5. Cake.
7. 5 was a lie
8. There is no number six.

Additional Information: Has chosen the "path of the white coat" and is pretty touchy with anyone who's meaning to put a "nasty blot" on his coat or record. He also dances around alot, frequently imposing as a funky disco dancer. He also has a Gummi Ship of his own, which, while not really designed to travel alot of people, is armed with heavy artillery and whatnot.

Biography: A cool and smooth man, he was cop that worked in Twilight Town long before the the Dark War. He worked his way up the ladder in order to gain more priviledges, such as top secret info and other matters of secrecy. He was also pretty dedicated and, despite looking lightminded, he was actually a mastermind. Now having access to high tech, he'd take a sniper rifle and a Gummi Ship that belonged to the police and went out to find out more answers, hoping to get a better understand of the situation going around in the universe and being able to handle it. Cabanela wasn't seen after that incident, until he laid his lanky steps on Disney Castle more than two years after. This Story will continue...

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Inspector Cabanela Empty Re: Inspector Cabanela

Post by RenaKerensky on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:39 pm

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