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Ellie - "Guess Whos Back?! <3" Empty Ellie - "Guess Whos Back?! <3"

Post by bloos313 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:38 am

Ellie - "Guess Whos Back?! <3" 14uz8tl

Name: Ellie

Age: 15

Personality: Friendly, Brave, Clumsy, Happy Go lucky, A little bit more girly now but she still havent changed much

Race: Human

Weapon: A magic Sachel, it allows her to hold 100 Objects , without it being heavy, but it does hit hard, very hard...You might not want to make her angry.

A Malet she keeps in her Sachel, for offensive moves.

A Sheild- also in her sachel and is made of steel from Swaying Ice giving it hightened defence, more than the normal steel shield, for Defensive moves.

A Bag of Candy

A Sword Made of the cold steel only found deep within the caves of Swaying Ice, When the sword activates a chilling blast of air unleashes from the blade to aid its cutting accuracy and it can also stun opponents.

A Pistol that shoots bullets of the users MP (or however you KH people say Energy xD)

Two Magic Soccer balls that come back like boomerangs.

And a Hand held Video game (PSP)

Class: Defender



Ellie has a new technique up her sleeve she nows bears the amour of a Prime Knight of swaying ice, she can summon it and unsummon it opon her body, its more durable than regular amour

Ellie - "Guess Whos Back?! <3" 2eg40ao Amoured, Ignore the canon xD


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