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Post by Insulation on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:59 pm

1: Stay In Character at all times!
2: Be respectful to the others around you.
3: Respect those in charge of the server for they provide it.
4: Don't ask for keyblades.
5: Keyblade Wielders need to be on frequently or their power will be revoked.
6: Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation when roleplaying.
7: All fighting must be detailed and longer than TWO lines.
8: No powerplay, god mod, metagame, or trolling of any kind.
9: No Auto-hitting, or teleporting of any kind.
10: Be as Descriptive as possible.
11: No cybering! This also means over descriptive scenes.
12: Play reasonably and fair. If there is an issue alert an authoritative figure.
13: Voting, Displaying Pictures, Jukebox, and Story Tell are not to be used without Admin Permission.
14: No Double Posting!
15: Do not Mute Avoid at all!
16: If you received permission to roleplay a canon, roleplay the canon properly, do NOT change them.
17: Racial Slurs are unacceptable!

-----------------------------------Staff Rules-----------------------------------

1: All Player Rules Apply to you!
2: No Abuse of any kind!
3: Be helpful and a good example for the players around you!
4: Joking around is fine, but when there's an issue be serious and professional about it.
5: Follow the procedure of Warnings > Mute > Boot > Ban! Some may be skipped when necessary but typically banning someone is a last resort!
6: Being biased at all is unacceptable! Put yourself in the other person's shoes when you make decisions and give them a chance to speak their opinion.
7: Banning someone for an insult IS abuse! Although, if they continue to do it, that'll be harassment then you may proceed with the procedures.
8: A Player is also allowed to speak his mind if he thinks you are not handling your Staff Position properly!
9: Do NOT jokingly use your powers against someone, it is not funny at all, it is abusive and your powers should be taken seriously.
10: Do NOT use Announcements for any reason. Only use it for extremely important reasons and use it professionally, meaning use proper grammar, no profanity, and don't joke around.


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