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Rei-The Undecided Keyblade Empty Rei-The Undecided Keyblade

Post by Ace7714 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:47 am

When in the Light-"If my friends are in the darkness....i'll burn through it to get to them"
When in the Dark-"The flames of the night will kill you...and burn your soul for all time"

Name:Rei Takeuchi


Personality:Adventrous,but never knowing which side to pick somtimes.

Race:A Human

Weapon:Newly obtained keyblades,Wayward Wind and Lost Memory.

Class:Keyblade Weilder-1/4 God

Spells/Abilities:Summoning keyblades at will,intense control of fire.He also can summon a fire dragon at will named Ragnarok.He also has a two techniques he learned from Yen Sid,one was his own move called heart fire.It takes a very pure and strong heart to be able to use this technique it takes form in the color of the users choice but,it can be matched up with the spell Firaja.(Though Firaja would probably win but be weakened), the other move he obtained was called Etheral Key,through adding much magic to a persons keyblade the keyblades form breaks and shatters revealing two blades what are the color of the keyblade,and it looks like a straight sword except the blade's features cannot be seen due to it's covered by light,the blades are strongers and lighter so slashs can be faster,they also fire bolts of magic like wisdom form.Rei has one more skill that even he has yet to discover called Afterburner by letting all of his god fire out of his body at one he increases his strength,speed,reflexs and senses to a dramatic heightened sense.

Additional Information:Height-5"8, Weight-146, Hobbies-Training.

Biography:Rei is...well let's say special. Eversince he was a kid he always felt like he needed to do something more,he was orignally born in twilight town as a normal kid. When he was about 14 he had a strange dream,a weird voice talked to him about how he was gonna be important in the battle soon to come of course he didn't know what this meant,yet.When he woke up he felt..stronger,on the year of his 15th birthday he met a silver haired boy named Sora. Sora and Rei almost instantly became friends,then they both learned from master yen sid they were keybladers. Sora who was only about 12, was abit scared. Rei started to protect him,for awhile the two stuck together. Then Rei wondered why he was good and why the org was evil, he soon defected to the Orgnaziation around the time Sora went into a coma and Rei dissappear.Upon reappearing Rei told everyone he had been training with master yen sid and Sora and Rei had a reunion.Though the Reunion was easily squashed when Sora had been feeling down that he was so weak,so the leader of the Organation 13 took him in,soon after Rei purifyed him.Sora and Rei had abit of down time with their friends but,then they learned there was a great evil approaching and they had to go to the past and collect artifacts.All the heroes were seprerated and found each other once again after meeting their heroes.When they got back they discovered they had been gone two years and the worlds have been corrupted and took over,they took refuge in Disney Castle.Rei decided he needed to be on his own and learn why he was here so he went back to the Org with his girlfriend Kayla.Soon Sora came after him and trying to bring him back,now the rest will unravel itself.Rei needs to make his own path but,with who is the question.