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Post by EdenFairy on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:20 am

Chioku Shiori Summer10

Chioku Shiori


Chioku is a playful , cheery girl. It is almost impossible to see Chioku without a smile, and lose her cool. She loves to help others, and would risk her life doing so. When it is time to get serious, Chioku will be vastly focused and will engage in combat if needed.



Mahou Shojou, Princess

Chioku Shiori Lady_m10

Shiori Gem: This gem holds great magic power inside of it. That's why it must be kept safe, and protected at all times. It can be worn as a ring, or as any accessory, but when it's magic power is released the wielder changes into a powerful form, and obtains magical abilities and passives.

Shiori Staff: Chioku's primary weapon is a staff. It is not an ordinary staff that most people wield, it is the Great Staff that is passed down in her family. The Staff can be summoned anytime when Chioku is in her Mahou Shojou form. Chioku can create infinite copies of her staff and move them around with magic. Chioku's staff can also be used as a medium to perform different spells.

Shiori Ribbons:
Chioku can create pink magical ribbons, and make them wrap around anything. These Ribbons are tough, and are very hard to cut.

Shiori Shot: Chioku's staff is able to conjure up a pink mana force, it can be thrown as a devasting sphere shape blast, or released as a pink wave. All of these shots can be charged, and thrown stronger.

More abilities are to be learned.... =3

Once upon a time, there existed a World called Shiori. Amongst the world, there was joy and happiness being spreaded. The Protectors of this World, were called Mahou Shojou. They were all women, and apart of the Shiori Bloodline. They possessed incredible magical powers, and had the power to defeat anything if worked together. Some years later, one of the Mahou Shojou elders depicted that there was going to be a Mahou Shojou with the power of a Goddess. Though this child would be the last of the Mahou Shojou. The King and Queen's newborn would be the last Mahou Shojou, and the strongest. When their child was birthed, they named her Chioku. After some months when Princess Chioku was born, many numbers of powerful Heartless invaded her world. The Mahou Shojou stood no chance against them and lost. The World slowly started to corrupt in darkness, but there was hope still. Chioku couldn't die, or the Mahou Shojou would be completely whiped out. The King and Queen sent their daughter Chioku to Traverse Town for her sake. There Chioku lives with her adoptive parents and working as a waitress at the Seventh Heaven, having no clue about her homeworld Shiori, her parents, and about the Mahou Shojou.


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