That little nobody? Forget about him(WiP)

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That little nobody? Forget about him(WiP)

Post by That One Kid on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:50 am

Name: Stunt Clear(water) (The water part of this last name here was dropped. For show.)

Age: 17

Personality: (What defines your character; are they mean, exotic, charismatic, adventurous, etc.)

Race: A Nobody. Yeah.

Weapon: He fights with

Class: (Which class your character is.)

Spells/Abilities: (The abilities your characters possesses. Refrain from making them too ridiculously powerful. Explain the abilities thoroughly.)

Additional Information: (Such as height, weight, hobbies, etc. This is optional but it would be appreciated if filled.)

Biography: (Your characters background story, current story, and future story if you want. At least a paragraph. Also longer than one paragraph.)

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