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Post by Caelanon on Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:41 am


Age: 23

Personality: The shady one in the corner.... not realy the dark one though. he tends to be shady untill someone begins to talk directly to him then he comes out and tends to be not as creepy. almost funny and easy going. but if you do peave him off, watch out. he has quite the itchy trigger finger with his spells.(especialy the ones including frost in some way.)

Race: Somebody

Weapon: a large, Frozen Spell blade. it is made for hacking limbs and increasing spell strength when they are channeled through it

Class: Spell Knight

Spells/Abilities: Frost touch (makes the floor freeze over, just making it very very frosty and slippery.... in other words weak to almost all spells. including fire, Thunder, realy anything that melts ice). Frost lance (turns the player/character/what ever it is's wepon into a large, frosty lance made of pure ice made for throwing and peircing armor, deadly acurate but VERY weak against fire attacks)

Additional Information: He's 6'10", frost blue hair, almost icey white eyes, very muscular and has an obsession with the cold, he also most of the time wears a large blue cloak that cover most of his body (yes.... he has an obsession with blue >_> <_< >_>)

Biography: BRONAGH came from the frozen north, mainly for a change of scenery. this slightly uneducatedly sounding giant came to pretty much begin a new life, settle down... stop fighting. but the recent heartless attacks has brought out his 'other' side. the Dark, angry, and shady side. now he fights beside his comerades, agains the heartless, tearin, hacking, and rending at their forces.
Now you find BRONAGH probably in the Castle in a dark corner, refusing to talk to anyone, because his dream to start another life has been destroyed.


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Post by RenaKerensky on Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:43 am

Approved by RenaKerensky~ :3

I love the obsession with blue, too x3

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