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Post by MewMewMichelle on Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:05 pm

Michelle Layton Img-thing?
Name: Michelle Layton

Age: 16
Personality: Michelle is a kind girl, who is not one to jump into fights without being extremly bothered or would think it would help others.She is also very shy, almost to the point of being antisocial.She has a crush on Ramo Steven Brompton that sometimes borders on stalking, just not as creepy.

Race: Human

Weapon: A bokken like wooden blade that can grown sharp, or can extend in size.It is made of a magical Oak wood that helps in magic control and potency.

Class: White Mage

Cure:Cures minor wounds and restore vitality and energy.She cannot perform this on herself.

Light arrows:Shoots holy energy out of her blade that can extend in size or explode.
Light clones:She focuses holy energy throught her body and can make clones of herself that can fight for her in physical combat in her stead.
Light's reveal:She can focus holy energy into the tip of her blade and expend it into a small sphere that resembled a crystal ball in size and usage.

Additional Information:
Height:5 foot, three inches.
Hobbies:Knitting, sewing, cooking and spying on Ramo.

Biography: She was born in twilight town and was raised there as a small child.When she was five years old, she fell into a lake and began to drown, where Ramo Steven Brompton swam to her and saved her life after giving her C.P.R, it was her first kiss and she was in love soon after.She purposly put herself into life-risking positions, and Ramo came running to save her, until she moved where she studied white magic and learned how to view Ramo from a distance.Soon Ramo forgot all about her, but she never did.When Ramo fell in love with Cissy, she began to grow antisocial and focus on her spells.She quickly became skilled, and then once again became antisocial when he blackscreened Ashe and fell into a coma.She decided to travel to him, to keep him safe and perhaps to even win his heart...

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