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Alexander Firevi10


Age:22 (or 50,000.... whatever works.)

Personality: Alexander is dumb. I mean, pretty dumb. He makes stupid decisions a lot, and just isn't smart. However, Alex has a heart of gold, and will always do his best to help out his friends, and those in need.

Weapon: Spellbinder (Keyblade)
Alexander Spellbinder_KH However, for the time being, he cannot summon his Keyblade, and uses a condensed blade of pure wind instead.

Class: Mage/Keybearer


“Wisdom Form” - Alexander, being a mage, has found a way to channel his magical energy through the Keyblade, allowing him the ability to float a few inches off of the ground, as well as fire his magical energy through the Keyblade in the form of bullet type projectiles, which he can charge up for larger, more powerful shots. (unavailable until he regains Spellbinder)
Bio: Alexander lived a quiet life on his home world, studying in the ways of magic. One day, however, his peaceful life was interrupted, as the sky turned black, and strange creatures appeared everywhere he looked. He attempted to fight them off, but did not last long, as his basic magic was no match for their overwhelming numbers. He was quickly overcome by darkness, and felt his consciousness slowly fade away. Later, when he awoke, he found himself in a strange, unfamiliar place. He had awoken in Twilight Town.

In his travels since, he has learned that the creatures that had attacked his home were the Heartless. His book has become somewhat of a makeshift journal, used for writing down important events, as well as recording the various things he learns about the different worlds, Heartless, and Nobodies.
Alexander soon became a captain of his gummi ship, with a crew of Heartless, Nobodies, Keywielders, and regular Somebodies alike. They traveled around, locking the worlds and being generally good people. It appeared all for naught, however, when the Keybearers all disappeared, and all the worlds were torn to ruins by the Heartless. Alex, his decision fueled by rage, became a member of Organization XIII. Shortly after his arrival in The Castle That Never Was, Alexander was chosen by the Keyblade to be a bearer. He soon realized he did not belong in the Organization, but did not believe himself strong enough to be their enemy. He waited for two years, until he was strong enough to stand up against the Organization, and rejoined the side of the Heroes. Now, he fights the Heartless, trying his best to lock all the worlds from the dark threat.


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