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Post by Meme1995 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:18 pm

Name: Xander (Daner) Sketche

Age: 23

Personality: Has a calm and graceful composure. Most of the time he knows how to keep his cool, yet loses it when under pressure. He's mostly quiet and anti-social. He's cold and cruel to anyone who gets in the way, including his own cohorts.

Race: Nobody, part of Organization XIII (number yet to be assigned.)

Weapon: Paintbrush and Canvas

Class: Mage

Spells/Abilities: Has magical prowess over the manipulation of paint. He can alse manipulate the environment around him and his own physical appearance with the help of paint. More so, he can also turn himself into paint and hide into canvases. Lastly, his most prominent ability would be his ability to turn his own paintings into life.

Additional Information: He is normally found in the Grey Room, playing with an instrument.

Biography: Xander Sketche, a nobody with determination, appeared in the World That Never Was two years ago. Where he came from? No one really knows. He seeked the truth and discovered that Kingdom Hearts would be the solution to all his problems. Thus, he sought to obtain Kingdom Hearts without the help of Organization XIII, wishing to keep it for himself. This plot was carefully planned and was about to be carried out. And it would've if it weren't for Marix, the Organization's leader. He made Xander make a choice and choose "the path to Salvation or the path to Oblivion". Having no choice, Xander momentarily put his plan to a halt and joined the Organization's ranks.


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