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Post by Meme1995 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:01 pm

Name: Baldren Spades

Age: ??? (looks like he's at his 20s)

Personality: He may look sinister and creepy at times. Likes telling tasteless jokes and annoying others in his free times. He's relaxed and carefree most of the times and likes bothering people and making rhymes when he's bored. He never takes things seriously, not even on a heated battle and instead likes to prefer toying around with his opponent. Reckless at times, he knows when to admit defeat at times and cowardly runs away. Probably despised among his cohorts.

Race: Lockhart

Weapon: Mana Gloves
Allows Baldren to manipulate magic in ways never seen before. Highly unstable.

Class: Mage

Spells/Abilities: Knows all black magic known to man on his disposal, yet uses it in weird, some would even say ridiculous ways. He floats in midair most of the time.

Additional Information: He's crazy.

Biography: Not much is known about his past. He just suddenly appeared. Many believe his homeworld was in Wonderland, yet nothing is completely certain. He inmediately joined the ranks of the Shadow Empire and was given one of the lowest ranks, the Black Pawn, probably due to his annoying behavior and lack of any real skill. He's been around with the Shadow Empire for 2 years and is one of the many responsible for leaving the world in its current condition.


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