The Third Member of the Organization XIII, Crox,

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The Third Member of the Organization XIII, Crox,  Empty The Third Member of the Organization XIII, Crox,

Post by crox22 on Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:32 pm

Name: Crox

Age: 26, 17 when he was turned into a Nobody. Birthday, June 17th

Personality: Very relaxed and calculating, In his old age he has found its best to take things slowly and be patient rather then charge in blindly.

Race: Nobody

Weapon: Gravity Pull (A Yo-Yo with a small clock built into one side)

Class: Spell Knight



Use of the Corridor of Darkness

Bio: Will be placed at a later date. Sumarry is that he used to live on the same world as Luxord's somebody, and actually lived in the same town. Cro always saw Luxord as more or less an Idol and could be found most of the time relaxing with him as Luxord was at the Casinos, spinning his prized Yo-Yo durring their chats. Soon after Luxord was turned into a Nobody and was placed as the Organization's X, Cro followed down the path of darknes in order to accompany his previous friend. When he had finally become a Nobody, he quickly talked his way into being one under direct command of Luxord as his right hand man. For several years Cro followed under Luxord under the new name 'Crox' and stuck with him untill his friend's final battle agaist Sora. Crox had watched from a nearby roof top, wanting to see who of them would win, all the while rooting for Luxord. Upon witnessing Luxord's defeat and Sora's departure, Crox had grown rather solomn, irritated that his friend had been defeated and fled through a Corridor of Darkness to Port Royal, and hid out there till the very end of the fray between the Keyblade weilders and the Organization. Eventually he was informed from a very old face he could not help but recognize, that the Organization was being rebuilt. Crox smirked before giving a light chuckle at his old commrad and followed him through the Corridor of Darkness.


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