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Personality:Dark, Depressed, Easily angered, he has a soft side for the ones he cares about though.


Weapon:Asura used to wield a bow and arrow but after TS he grew tired of using it as it seemed almost useless so now he uses a magical katana called Adamantia.

Adamantia is a magical katana that has specil properties, such as being unable to break and giving the user increased strength.

Class: (What Class is your character? Class descriptions are posted.)


Parkour:Asura is very very acrobatic and what not.

Akiva:A special technique Asura created that allows him to make up to two illusions of himself.

Madness:Asura is plagued with a discease known as madness. Everytime Asura gets angry or very depressed he slowly seepens even deeper into the discease. There is three stages

Stage 1:Asura is just like any other person except when he gets too angry his eyes turn red and he grows fangs. His strength and speed is also increased slightly, in this state Asura can also take more hits then he normally could.(Asura has already passed this stage)

Stage 2: The stage Asura is currently in. Asura is now a lot darker then he used to be, often insulting others and getting angry at the simplest of things. When Asura becomes angry or too depressed in this form he grows fangs again, but also claws now. His stength and speed are increased by about double the amount it was increased in his last stage.

Stage 3:Has not been achieved yet.

Limit Break

Stigma:Asura unleashes a devastating three hit combo with his sword. If he hits another living thig with any of the three strikes he heals very slgihrtly form any injuries he may have.

Additional Information
Height: 6'0
Weight:184 Ibs
Has no hobbies.


Asura has been alone basically most of his life. His parents abandoned him when he was about the age of five because he had murdered his younger brother by acident, due to his discease. After they left him for dead Asura's Madness took over him for awhile, to keep him alive through thick and thin.

Once Asura had gotten to the point where he could fend for himself, he was able to block the madness out, however, when he was vulnerable, like when being angry or depressed, it could take over him again.

Asura became very acrobatic over the years due to the fact that he needed to be able to get high enough to where nobody could harm him so he tought himself Parkour. Asura also made his own wooden bow at the age of 12 so he could defend himself when he came down from above to get food and water.

When Asura turned thirteen het met a strange man who he was never told his name. This man was apart of the Organization and beckoned for Asura to join them. Asura, being hepless and tired of being alone dumbly accepted, having no idea what he had just done.

So, Asura joined the Organization and while he was there trained himself hard in the ways of swordsmanship and also taught himself his ability'Akiva.' When Asura was about 17 he made a bow and arrow that was also two swords(he later ditched this weapon for a magic Katana)

He became very proficent with it in a few months. When Asura turned eighteen he was assigned the job of spying on Alexander and Taro Kazuma. Which he did so. Eventually he was found out when he tried to kidnap Shika and had to escape, his plans ruined.

A few days later, Alex for some odd reason joined Asura in the Organization and the two became pretty close as friends over the TS. Asura also grew affection for a girl named Tifa who was kidnapped and held prisoner about a year after Alex had joined the Organization.

Now Asura is doing his thing in the Organization and what not, yup.


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Asura Empty Re: Asura

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Cause of Death: Alexander~

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