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Post by MyNameSucks on Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:25 pm

Name:Jerry Vastolphy

Age:18(20 now)

Personality:Extremely Kind, Never gets mad and has the patience for everyone.


Weapon:His fists.


Jerry was born without the ability to use magic.

S.A.G:A pair of special goggles that Jerry made especially for him self, when he wears these he can see the exact position of another beings vital points, making almost every blow he lands critically dangerous, only if he is wearing them though.

Martial Arts:Jerry has a blackbelt in Muay Thai, Judo and Kickboxing, making him a very proficent hand-to-hand fighter.

Chaos Mode:This is Jerry's last resort of attack, he only uses this in a situation where he is going to die. He loses all control over his physical and mental state of mind and evolves into a different persona known as Jericho. In this form, Jerry's speed and strength are increased 2fold. The flaw of this technique is that the user will start bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth for quite sometime, suffering a huge amount of blood loss.

Darkflame(Chaos Mode only):Whilst in Chaos Mode Jerry/Jericho can manipulate a substance known as dark fire, which is basically normal fire, except it burns people/things much much quicker.

Limit Break
Shooting Star:An EXTREMELY powerful uppercut, not many can take this hit without being KO'ed instantly or dying.

Burning Star(Chaos Mode Only):A more powerful version of shooting Star, besides the added power the fist that Jericho is using for the uppercut is shrouded in the darkflame.

Additional Information:Height=6'0 Weight=214 Ibs(Pure muscle)

Training, other then that he doesn't do much of anything else, he doesn't really have any friends to hang out with either(despite his ridicoulous kindness towards others)so it's all he has to do.

Biography:Jerry grew up as a normal child really, besides the fact of being almost a complete genius when it came to electronics/ technology in general. Jerry is also a very kind-hearted person and would put his life on the line to save a complete stranger. He got this personality from his grandpa, who he had been very attached to since he was but an infant.

When Jerry turned eight years old his Grandpa, who was an esteemed and well-known martial artist began to train him to be one as well. Jerry found much fun in this and practiced everyday. About five years later he had already mastered three different fighting styles. Because of this his grandpa decided to teach him their families unique technique; 'Chaos Mode'. It took a few months for Jerry to finally get this down, but he finally manged to be able to use it no problem after a while.

When his Grandpa passed away that same year Jerry went off to explore other worlds, in search of a worthy opponent..but not one with a weapon or anything, somebody that was just like him, a martial artist in every since of the word. So far he has not had any luck with this quest of his, as a matter of fact he hasn't even gotten close. From what he had been hearing, Traverse Twon was the place to go to find powerful fighters. So he headed that way in his custom-builtt Gummi Ship he and his father had built about a year before he left on his quest.

And so it begins...

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