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Name:Wyatt Khastoph

Age:17(19 now)

Personality:Clumsy, Out-going, Idiotic sometimes.


Weapon:Standard Issued SOLDIER Sword(See picture above for appearance.)Forward Unto Dawn Keyblade.
Wyatt Khastoph Keyblade__Forward_Unto_Dawn_by_PhoenixTrooper
Keyblade allows him to slightly control emotions.

Class:SOLDIER Operative(Keyblade Wielder):SOLDIER is the elite fighting force of Shinra Electric Power Company. They are advanced super-soldiers with superhuman strength, speed, and agility. The reason for this is because they were infused with raw mako which grants them these abilities. Because of this they have a sort of special glow to their eyes.


Wyatt has increased strength, speed and agility then that of a normal human due to being infused with raw Mako.

Mediative Strike:Due to an experiment performed on him by Hojo the scientist Wyatt has the ability to telekinetically control his weapon(s), but for some reason ONLY his weapons.

Limit Breaks
Soul Divider:Wyatt's blade grows a bright blueish color, while in this state Wyatt's blade can supposedly cut through any type of substance and has a longer and wider slashing range.

Xiphos:A special technique that Wyatt taught himself. He leaps high in the air and when he hits the ground he slams his weapon into the ground and creates a shockwave attack

Additional Information:Height:6'1 Weight:168 Ibs
Hobbies:Being an idiot.

Biography:Wyatt used to live on the world known as Gaia. He joined SOLDIER at the age of 16. Before the heartless swallowed his world Wyatt hadn't gone on many missions, despite this though he was a very proficent fighter. Wyatt was inspired to join SOLDIER because of his idol;Genesis Rhapsodos. After Gaia was swallowed by the Heartless Wyatt escaped to the world known as Traverse Town, as well did the newest Director of SOLDIER.

Even though SOLDIER is practically gone now, Wyatt is given missions from the Director from time to time. Lately though, there hasn't been any jobs for Wyatt to take up so he just spends his free time doing whatever he can do to keep himself occupied.


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