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Post by Insulation on Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:44 pm

There has been a big change to the plot. Heartless suddenly began to raid every world in large numbers, they were nearly impossible to fend off. The survivors of all the worlds gathered on their Gummi Ships and headed to 'Disney Castle' which was the only safe place. It's safe because it holds an object known as 'The Cornerstone of Light', this defends the castle from any darkness entering it.

If you know a Heartless will attack your character, you're most likely going to start on the world 'Disney Castle', unless you decide otherwise. Heartless will attack anyone that possess a heart. If you know they will not attack you, go anywhere you please. Nobodies typically reside inside 'The World That Never Was', which is below 'The Castle That Never Was', which is the Organization XIII's base. Nobodies can try to go to 'Disney Castle', but 'The Cornerstone of Light' will affect them slowly and they may be attacked.


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