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Post by Insulation on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:19 pm

Gummi Ships
This Vehical Allows the User To Fly From World to World. Most people Wouldn't have one unless explained well in History as to how acquired.

Corridor of Darkness
This Is a Portal made of Darkness. Only Strong Heartless and Nobodies can use this means of transportation. This has a 90% Chance to Kill Somebodies who go through it.

Dark Flows
Heartless have the ability to Seemingly Melt and Reapear on a Different World. They cannot take anyone with them while they do this.

Light Doors
In Certain Worlds There Hidden Doors Only unlocked Via Keyblade. Once unlocked they Stay Open for free travel to Worlds.

Keyblade Gliders
This Form of Transportaion is the Hardest to Acquire. Only usuable With Keyblade and Keyblade Armor, After being Thought how.

In Worlds There is a Specific Object highly inportant to the World. Keyblade can Use this Object to Travel to Worlds by unlocking It's Keyhole.

Star Shards
Star Shards are Almost Non-Existant. They Will likely not take you to your destination unless you have mastered their use. There is only one Curently Known in the Rp.

World Train
A Magical train with the capability of taking a set amount of passengers to other worlds. However this is a very hard means of transportation as it is hard to find for most (except mages)and runs on a tight schedule.


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