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~ Somebodies ~

Knight: A Knight is a class that focuses on melee and close physical attacks. Able to use all weapons, they excel in physical strength and physical traits, but are poor and weak when it comes to magical properties

Spell Knight: A warrior of fusion. Able to wield weapons and magical items, it allows them to be able to focus on magical and physical properties. Due to having some capability at both, they aren't extremely potent at either.

Defender: A defender is a newly added class to be added to our class roster. This class, is capable of using most weapons, however their defensive skill highly exceeds that of other classes. This class usually posses as a shield to protect themselves or others making them the perfect wall.

Beserker: A beserker is just as their name implies. Most beserkers have little concept of "Defense," but instead use their offensive prowess to overwhelm their enemy. Usually wielding massive weapons swung with amazing strength and speed they are a deadly class but an easy to take out if hit.

Dual-Wielder: Dual wielders are classes that have the capability of dual wielding weapons with great success and profficiency. Ususally seen with twin blades, they can be used with multiple weapons. Lances, boomerang, gun and sword, though this class is powerful and strong defensively they aren't the strongest and usually have much speed.

Polearmed: The polearmed are warriors skilled with the art or polearms and long ranged melee weapons. Usually seen wielding a spear of some sort, their defensive skill is slightly higher than their offensive but their long range tops that with their melee ability.

Dragoon: The Dragoon class is a class that extends from the polearmed class. Them themselves use polearms, but however with an amazing "Jump" ability, they can soar high into the air and deal a devastating crashing blow. They aerial profficiency unmatched as they are a deadly foe.

Mage: A class that focuses on high offensive spells and has extremely potent magic capabilities. Able to cast numerous and high powered spell, they excel in magical offense and defense, but are weak in the physical prowess.

Black Mage: A mage with extremely destructive and potent magic. Masters at the offensive spells such as fire, they easily excel mastering the power of the forces and use them against their opponent.

White Mage: A mage branch that excels in healing magic and using holy like powers against it's enemy. Usually seen as the curer of the group, their powerful regenerating spells make them the target needed to take down if you plan to defeat a group.

Red Mage: A Jack of all trades. Red Mages are not masters at any certain spell. Able to cast buff and debuff spells, offensive and defensive their specialties are open to all, however they have mastered none. Most don't go higher than the second level before moving on to a different spell. These mages however can wield melee weapons, but they aren't as profficient as spell knights.

Keyblade Wielders: Keyblade wielders, the fighters of light. Keyblade wielders wield large key shaped weapons with said abilities. The keyblade can unlock the hearts of people and worlds, and lock them keeping them from being corrupted by heartless. They can release the hearts of heartless and are powerful weapons. The said weapons are rare and those who have them are said to have strong hearts.

Archer: Archers are the dominate far ranged class. Usually equipped with a trusty bow and arrow and a back up melee weapon they are the ultimate form of scouting and far ranged combat. Able to pinpoint a target and decimate it from far distances without putting themselves or others in harms way is how they operate.

Gunslinger/Sharpshooter: This class focuses on gunmanship attributes of the marksman class. Able to wield multiple guns, or one giant one, they use their keen sense of sight and perfect depth and movement perception to lock in on a target and obliterate them completely. A class of true art and talent.

Alchemagirian: A class that is similar to the spell knight, but far ranged. Embedding and fusing magical properties with their bullets, arrows or ammo and weapon of choice, they are able to unleash devastating magical melee attacks wiping out multiple opponents with single shots.

Summoner: This class is a special type of Mage that allows a character to summon creatures from the Eidilon Realm. These creatures obey and fight alongside their masters, but have minds of their own.. If treated wrong, these creatures can and will kill said summoner. This class is Good-aligned only

Dark Summoner: More evil aligned version of the Summoner, summoning corrupted versions of the summoner's summons. This class is more evil-aligned.

Rogue: A cunning class filled with cutthroats, and thieves.. The Rogue has the ability to pick a lock, pick pockets (To a degree, so don't use it for trolling), and depending on the rogue, are able to use Minor Invisibility (Unable to be seen or heard, but able to be felt.. The ability lasts for the max of 3 posts)

Custom Classes: Custom classes are classes that are made by you. If you have one please explain the class in precise and extreme detail to explain it.


~ Heartless ~

Normal: Basic, No Spells/Abillities, Weak attack.

Soldier: Soilder heartless are stronger then regular hearts, may have abilities, but no spells.

Caster: Caster heartless are Weaker then normal ones, they can uses spells and ability. that are stronger then other heartless class spell users.

Humanoid: Humanoid heartless have manage to retain thier human form. They can use abilities and spells weaker then a Caster. They may be stronger then Soldier heartless or on par. Some stronger Humaniods have the ability to control hearltess.

Half-Form: Former Keyblade wielders who've succumbed to the darkness in thier heart, trapped in thier ultimate and most dangerous form. They are the Strongest of the Heartless, If considered part of them. They Do not get attacked by the heartless, and are considered one of them by most, except vastly knowledged people such as Yen Sid. They have some knowledge of Spell and Ability, in thier own Dark way.


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