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Post by Yusuran on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:53 am

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Name: Yusuranis Zenovaka

Age: 17

Personality: Callous, dark brooding, chaotic....a little manic and dark at times but not evil.

Race: Human

Weapon: Martial arts/double obsidian katanas

Class: Martial artist/ Dual wielder

Spells/Abilities: Knowledge of pressure points, Heightened reflexes, Heightened speed. Ascended form (Yusurans ascended form is due to a genetic mutation, it allows him to increase his raw fighting power at the cost of putting strain on his body.) Overdrive: Overdrive can further increase yusurans raw fighting power to as powerful as he wishes, this also causes more bodily harm to him so the more he increases his power the more harm he causes to himself, over time though he can master different levels of this power potentially bringing it down to no drain. Will to fight: yusuran can go on when many others would fall, his sheer will to continue can keep him going in even the darkest of times or the most hellish of encounters

Additional Information: none

Biography: I had a very.......how should i put this....dark childhood, I shall begin my tale at the very beginning. I lived in a small village in a desert with my mother and father, my mother was a drug abuser and my father was an alcoholic, i hated both my parents with an undying passion, it was mandatory that i as a boy learned how to defend myself due to the dangerous creatures that lived withing our desert, my father was the one to teach me, he started with the bare basics....hand-to-hand combat, my hand to hand combat skills at the beginning were less then stellar. My father would not hold anything back when he was training me, it was brutal and harsh, but i guess i should thank him it turned me into the warrior i am today. But enough chit chat back to my tale. Twas harsh training, as i came to my teens around the age of ten or eleven i was already a fine fighter, defeating my father in hand to hand combat, due to my heightened reflexes which i had learned of at a young age, i was quiet bit faster then normal people. Though one day my father came out with swords, he threw one at me and said "Time to learn how to use a weapon." we did not start with wooden swords, oh no we started right off with real blades. My words cannot express how truly horrific that training was, the singe of the blades edge ripping against my pre pubescent flesh. Many a night i would lie in my bed bandaged up, one thing i was indeed thankful for was my mom cared enough for me to give me medical attention. Betwixt the training and the fighting that usually happened around my house i did have friends those that i hung out with whenever i could. I had two friends that i truly cared for, my friend Vincent Meinburg who was indeed like a brother to me. And there was his sister Murasaki Meinburg, she was a year older then me but what i felt for her was one of the deepest emotions you could ever feel for a person.....love. I loved her more then anything in the world....i would have given anything for her. I remember the days we would spend together, laying atop our houses looking at the stars together, me and Murasaki holding hands. I was always nervous around her, and my friend Vincent knew what i felt for her was true. Though i will never forget the worst day of my life, i day i still lament and fully blame myself for. I awoke to the smell of flames and the sound of screams all around, the clang of swords in the background....the screams of my mother and the gurgling of blood. The screams of my father, rage within his screams the sounds that came after his death as who or whatever was attacking my village. I immediately ran to my fathers room and grabbed his obsidian katanas, i ran out to find my father and mother laying dead....corpses, it was a shock to me but i soldiered on, i immediately ran to my friend Vincents house what i found there is an image that burned into my memories like the hottest of brands. I saw my best friend laying there, a hole in his chest and him lying at the steps of his home, this was the first time i had found out about my powers. Tears welled up within my eyes and insanity smashed at the walls of my minds, i wanted to scream to the heavens but i couldn't find the breath to do it, it was as if i was drowning within my own tears, the wind began to pick up around me and black energy began releasing itself from me, the black energy was chaotic and it whipped around me like the flames of hell, showing the rage i felt at this moment. That is when i hear the woman i love screaming out of fear. I ran as fast as i could to her room to find this weird....black creature atop her, she was on all fours and this being was atop her back, out of sheer rage i grabbed the being and threw it off her, it had disappeared by then and as i turned around i saw a view that would scar my thoughts for the rest of my mind...my loves throat slit open by the very claws of the creature i had thrown off of her.....i had caused it to slit her throat, if i had not been so drastic and impulsive she would be alive today. I walked over and fell to my knees feeling a sorrow i had never felt before, my knees were drenched with her blood and my hands covered. My fists clenched and from that moment on i vowed, to find whatever this creature was, and exterminate it, if there were more of them i would destroy there entire race, wipe them from existence....call it revenge or call it not wanting anyone else to feel the same pain i did. It is now a full year since that experience and i am now seventeen. I have learned that the being i saw was what was called a heartless and there is more then one, there is a whole plethora of them...i have dedicated my life to eradicating these beings from existence, and i wont let anyone get in my way.....


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