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Post by the real toado98 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:20 pm


Age: 28

Personality: open like a book about himself,trustworthy

Race: Human,Male

Weapon: deck's of playing card's,rowan wood walking stick

Class: deck master

Spells/Abilities: explosive cards- throws/plays the card then they explode

card changer- can change any normal cards to any suit and number/face

edged cards- cards that are sharp enough to cut and slice that are thrown or held

smoke bomb-a card that erupts in a cloud of smoke

master of the game-almost always wins a card game

changing pockets-has multiple pockets that hold different decks and change which deck is in which pocket

magic deck-a deck of magic trick cards that are for magic tricks

gambler's heart-can't resist a challenge to a card game

cheater-will cheat to win

mine field-fifty two card pickup with an explosive suprise

hidden card-always has a deck up his sleeve

Additional Information: Hight 5 Foot 6 Inches,Weight 195 Lbs,hobbies: card games

Biography: Ever since Feir was aloud to gamble he did. He went to cheap cassino's and expensive gambling palaces most legal,some not. Feir taught himself to cheat at some non "legitimate" gambling den's where everyone cheated and lied. Even though he was caught cheating several times he was always aloud into different cassino's because he alway's brought a lot of munni,and left with more than he came in with. Feir always seemed to have a connnection with his cards, he even made his own custom deck's. He spent his gained munni on deck's of card's to alter and create,some exploded,some cut,and some even made smoke clouds for quick getaway's. Feir finally mastered the art of card's when he could change the faces and suites at will when he gambled. He was nominated to enter the biggest blackjack tournament in history and came in with all his fortune. He made it to the last round and went all in but lost because someone accused him of cheating and was proven guilty. He was forced to leave the tournament and was never allowed to enter again.

At the age of 28 Feir still gambled but never kept munni for long. Feir was forced to wisen up and learn when to cheat and when to play fair,and learned when he was going to lose.Was able to keep enough munni to start traveling the world's to learn new gambling styles.

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