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Luna and Tsuki Empty Luna and Tsuki

Post by Kiyomi on Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:37 pm

Luna and Tsuki Anime_angelsis

~[ Names ]~
Luna and Tsuki

~[ Ages ]~
Appear to be 10. But, They are really 17 years old.

~[ Race ]~
Somebodies / Troll Fairies

~[ Weapon ]~

~[ Class ]~

~[ Abilities ]~
Luna Tsuki
____ ____
Cura Blizzara

~[ Personality ]~
Anoiying, Trolls

~[ Biography ]~
Two Fairies/Somebodies who have lived for an Acceptional time. They spend there time in Traverse town "Pissing" people off. and Making people cry. They sometimes destroy peoples things. What a sight it is to see them do so.

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