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Post by Master Magma on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:02 am

Alex Momochi Drake
Name:Alex Momochi


Personality:Alex is nice and sometimes mean.


Weapon:Twin Swords
Alex Momochi Masaru

Class:Dark Magician,Swordsman

Spells/Abilities:Twin Swords melee,Summoning Dragon,Lighting Strike,Flaming Punch,Fifth Wave,Teleport.

Additional Information:Alex hobbies is to relax and fight.

Biography:In Alex past,his mother died from a heart attack,and his father died from a long illness.Alex stayed in Twilight Town where he was born,when he was eight he started to attend tournaments in some other towns.He obtained his Twin Swords from his father before he died.He was training that trained him,his name is Riku,Riku teach Alex Flame Punch which was a effective attack,he also taught Alex Lightining Strike and how to Teleport.Riku and Alex were good friends until the next day Riku mysteriously disappeared,no one now where he went it's been a long mystery.
Alex Momochi Darkandevilanime
Today Alex travels around helping people on their quest,he trains everyday to become stronger.He has been sparing with friends that are stronger than him,Alex still enter tournaments to become a champion,he keep losing by the most powerful opponent he has ever went against he keeps trying to defeat him but he keeps losing.
Alex Momochi Rpgchara
Alex future is to become stronger so he could take on anyone who challenges him,he hopes that he could become a hero so everyone could remember him by his name,and his dream is to find his best friend...Riku.
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