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Daisy Flora (Needed a profile) Empty Daisy Flora (Needed a profile)

Post by Lillytopbottom on Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:56 pm

Theme Song:

Name: Daisy Flora

Age: 20

Personality: Daisy is a very kind person, but she is also a strong willed person, who would love to travel to other places, and such. Her personality was hardened very much by Ren's existance.

Race: Human

Weapon: Her trusty harp
, and her new guitar

Class: Minstrel-A musician who has mastered the art of using magic along with music, being able to use spells and special continuous spells with their instruments, capable of using spells continually, with a drawback being having to master the instrument you're using.

Spells/Abilities: Spell Song: She begins to play one of her instruments, using magic with each note, soon spells up to -ra- rank begin to be cast on the enemy continually, draining her high mana pool as long as the song is played.

Spell Note: She plays a single note infused with magic to cast a spell up to -ra- rank.

Musical Notes: She begins playing one of her instruments, and non-elemental notes made of magic come out of her instrument to attack an opponent, which acts as her normal attacks, when they collide with an enemy they release small explosions.

Limit Break:
Once Upon a December: She begins to sing Once Upon a December as hundreds of non elemental music notes come from her and attacks all enemies nearby, working together to take down enemies simultaneously, then finishes on a ridiculously long high note, in which more musical notes attack enemies, and all explode simultaneously, this limit break is only earned if she remembers her past fully, or travels to Hollow Bastion.

Additional Information:
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 120 pounds
Hobbies: Playing music
Music Notes:

Biography: Daisy was born in Hollow Bastion before the events of Kingdom Hearts, she was born into a family of excellent musicians. As a child she was taught magical music, and her favorite song growing up was Once Upon a December, a song played by a little trinket given to her by her mother. Soon however the heartless invaded Hollow Bastion, and she was sent to Disney Town on a gummi ship, having bumped her head on the gummi ship she soon forgot everything about her life, except that her name was Daisy Flora, she was a magical musician, and Once Upon a December. She soon woke up at Disney Town and became a maestro for the king, and whens he was done at work she would play on the piano, soon she met Ren, and she went with him hoping to travel to other worlds. However, when she got to another world she bumped her head however and fell into a coma, in which she met her family~ Then she woke up and travelled with Ren to Tamriel, where when they were leaving he killed himself to save the world. After singing, she was sent into a gruelling challenge where she met the true ren, and learned the other ren was a fake. Soon, when they killed the fake ren, as an act of mercy and kindness, she allowed Ren's existance, and as soon as she got back to Cerubia she gave ren his guitar back and bought herself a new one.


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