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Post by ReinaRyuugu on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:57 pm

Name: Reina and Naire

Age: 17

Personality: Reina has a double personality, which differ a lot. Her first personality's name is Reina, who is very nice and likes to hang around people. Her second personality, however, is called Naire and is a very sadistic person. She likes to hurt people, physically and mentally, and would do everything to get what she wants. (I will refer to them as Reina unless there is something that differs between the two)

Race: Human

Weapon: Her fists and feet. She isn't very good in fighting, usually staying in the background.

Class: Kind of a support character. But if she really has to fight, she's a monk.

Spells/Abilities: Her personality changes when she gets stressed, or when she feels a heavy emotion.

Additional Information: Reina usually wears a black shirt and jeans. She has blue eyes and long red hair. Reina is usually a bit shy around males, blushing a bit when they talk to her. Naire however, doesn't mind to talk to males. She does like to hurt females more for some reason.

Biography: Reina has been an abnormal human girl from birth. She was born as a twin, the wounger one of two girls. However, due to some health problems, her older sister died. Strange enough, this triggered something in Reina, and gave her two personalities, Naire being her older sister. Her parents first thought she was mentally disable, seeing her change every time she stressed. It even once went so fat that Naire almost killed their father,because he was mad at Reina for not listening. When she became 15 she ran away from home, because her parents didn't want to accept that she had two personalities. Reina and Naire became good friends, despite their differences, becoming closer than sisters could be. Whenever something happens, Reina talks to Naire and asks for help, which usually involved hurting people, so reina wouldn't always follow her advice.


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