The Eighth Sin: Insanity

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The Eighth Sin: Insanity Empty The Eighth Sin: Insanity

Post by D.U.K.y on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:19 pm

Name: Insanity

Age: Unknown, appears in his mid-20s.

Personality: Like all Soulless, he has no emotions. However, he still appears to be completely batfuck insane, having no qualms about killing or sacrificing the opponent or even an ally. He tends to make everyone his bitch, regardless of power. Plus, his laugh is fucking intimidating. Think Light Yagami + Mark Hamill Joker.

Race: Soulless

Weapon: Insanity uses a pole magically enhanced to send 250,000 volts of electricity on contact. However, he can also send a huge bolt of electricity from the tip, sending 50k volts. If you do the math, taking a hit from this weapon followed by a point-blank bolt will /SUCK/.

Class: Psychological Mage: A bizzare variant of the Black Mage class. Using a combination of Dark and Thunder magic, these mages can shock their opponents into madness and /insanity/ while dealing damage.

Spells/Abilities: Soulless Ability: Mad? : Just being nearby Insanity will make you feel a bit insane, though it is minor. That is, of course, unless Insanity chooses to crank it up...

Spells: Thundaga, Darkga

Sacrifice: Insanity destroys an opponent/ally, sucking its life force to restore Health and MP. If it was an entity stronger than himself, then he also gets a power boost. However, it can only be used on non-NPCs if the player gives permission, and if the target is stronger than he is, it must also be weakened to critical stages.

Master of the Mind Fuck: Insanity can and will apply many tactics to break a person, making him one of the greatest torture artists in the universe. However, he can also employ them on the battlefield to break ones' psyche, as a dishearted victim is easy prey.

Nightmare: Insanity fires a wave of powerful dark magic, being the strongest spell he can muster. However, it applies a buff on the target that steadily restores their health until it's back to normal. Why would this be useful, you might ask? Well, that's all in the next spell...

Shock Therapy: Using Thunder Magic, Insanity shocks the opponent, dealing damage slightly less than a Thundaga. However, it will remove any buffs from the target, meaning Haste, Protect/Shield, Shell, and all of that good crap. It can also dispel Nightmare's healing buff.

Psychopath Form: When Insanity enters Psychopath form, his entire being becomes shrouded in darkness while purple electricity runs outside. Both his Thunder and Dark magics become more powerful, and his laugh echoes with the sound of every single person he's ever mindfucked or killed, which in itself is a pretty big mindfuck.

Additional Information: Height: 5' 11" Weight: 140 Lb Likes: Making people as batshit as he is. Dislikes: Being ordered (So he just goes ahead and ignores those bitches), Lust.

Biography: Not much is known about Insanity before he became a soulless, but one theory is that he was a therapist and psychologist in life. However, after a near lifetime of analyzing cuckoo after cuckoo, he took on studying the ways of darkness, slowly becoming as mad as his patients. Eventually, he was pushed into the darkness himself, becoming a soulless. He remembered not his name, and instead named /himself/ what he was and what he was all about.



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The Eighth Sin: Insanity Empty Re: The Eighth Sin: Insanity

Post by Insulation on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:57 pm

~ Temporary Approval by Insulation ~


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The Eighth Sin: Insanity Empty Re: The Eighth Sin: Insanity

Post by RenaKerensky on Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:32 am

Lower the spells down to Aras, and I'll approve it~ :3

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The Eighth Sin: Insanity Empty Re: The Eighth Sin: Insanity

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