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Post by Zephyrse on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:03 pm

Name: Vyrus Vladimir

Physical Age: 18
Actual Age: 4,000

Personality: Contrary to his elemental alignment, he is usually calm and quiet. Rarely losing his temper or interfering in matters that do not concern him.

Race: Wyrmborn
Wyrmborn are a very rare kind of Dracomancer who were born with more than 80% Dragon Blood. They are no longer classified as human for they are technically Dragons. They are the /only/ Dracomancer's who possess the ability to turn into the ancient Wyrm of their element. There can only be /one/ Wyrmborn per element.

Human Form

Weapon: Element-Forged Weapon(s)
{Weapons forged from the raw element chosen that can be Pure Element Form or Half-Element Form.
Pure Element Form is the element itself taking the general shape of the weapon. Cannot be harnessed by outside forces, cannot be knocked out of hand. Nulled by same/opposite element.
Half-Element Form creates a physical weapon imbued with the element. Cannot be nulled by element, can be imbued with 50% non-opposite element.}

Element Forge: Weapon
{Forge weapons from the elements into either a Pure Element Form or Half-Element Form.}
Element Forge: Armor
{Forge temporary armors/shields from the elements.}

Dracomancer Techniques
Minor Wyrm Blast
{Manipulate the Elemental blast to resemble that of a small Wyrm. Increased damage, does not exhaust user.}
Minor Dragon's Visage
{Temporarily raises power slightly. Activation indicated by a small glowing symbol of a dragon's head appearing infront of him for a brief moment.}
{Turns the Dracomancer into their Half-Wyrm Form. Permanent Increase to their power as long as they remain in that form. Form lasts until the user chooses to revert or is exhausted from battle.}

Half Form

Weapon: Claws

High Wyrm Blast
{Much stronger version of Minor Wyrm Blast. Fairly large amount of damage, can exhaust user.}
Dragon's Visage
{Temporarily increases power. The activation image is much larger.}
Wyrm Form
{Exclusive to Wyrmborn Dracomancers. Transforms the user into a full-blown Wyrm. Dramatic increase in power. Form is temporary as it is /very/ exhausting.}

Wyrm Form

Weapons: Claws, Flaming Wings

Elder Dragon Breath
{Massive elemental breath. INSANE damage. VERY exhausting.}
Hellfire Inferno
{A MASSIVE flaming inferno covering a wide area. Cannot be stopped. Cannot be contained/redirected. Instantly reverts and KO's user.}

Class: Wyrmborn Dracomancer
{Dracomancer's are elemental mages with unique abilities related to Dragons of all kinds. While normal Dracomancers get a half-dragon form and can even summon Elder Dragons, the Wyrmborn Dracomancers can transform into full-blown Wyrms of their element. Dracomancer's are allowed to mix elements, whereas Wyrmborn Dracomancers are naturally born under one element and have no hope of using any other. However, this makes them the best at their element. In fact, it takes some of the most powerful mages dedicated to that element (like a Pyromancer) to even come close to equaling a Wyrmborn Dracomancer.}

Additional Information:
His human form is 6'4, whereas his Half-Form stands a towering 8'9. The Half-Form is almost a different person, and can be quite social when he is not busy reading anything he can get his hands on.

(History to be edited in later.)


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Vyrus Vladimir Empty Re: Vyrus Vladimir

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