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Post by the real toado98 on Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:14 pm

Name: Durzo

Age: 17

Personality: Reckless, Childish,

Race: Human,Male

Weapon:fists,spiked knuckles

Class: Brawler

Spells/Abilities: Impact fist-punches the enemy causing a shockwave to go throughout their body

One-Two combo-throws a straight hook then a upercut

Trained-has trained in all elements and has grown ressistant to them

Flurry-fists move extremely quick and pound the enemy with hits

Pancea-trained in the ancient fighting style where anything goes he does takedowns to aerial attacks to dirty fighing

Grapple fighting-grabs the enemy and does takedowns,combo's,and slam attack's

Finishing moves-these are moves that are powerful yet draining-

Lion's claw-brings both hands back and strikes porward fingertips out to peirce skin and armor

Haymaker-an extremely powerful punch that knock's most enemies on their back

Tiger strike- the user rushes forward and focuses all the momentum into an upercut

armor: all of his armor but his shoulder pads and arm bracers is light flexible leather. the shoulder pads and bracers are steel.

Additional Information: Height:5 foot 7 Inches,Weight:175lbs, Always wears sunglasses, can parkour

Biography: Durzo was a young boy when he learned he could use magic but rejected to learn how to use it because the first time he ever used it he nearly killed his mother. He then vowed to never use magic ever again and trained to fight bare knuckled to enter a tournament to earn enough money to pay his father's gambling debt's. He made it to the last round of the tournament and was then aproached by one of the loan sharks and made a deal he should never have made: His father's debt would dissapear if he won but if he lost his father and mother would have to work for them. He was young and foolishly accepted but tried to cheat and put itching powder in his opponents fist wraping tape. He was disqualified even though he won the fight and was forced to say good bye to his family.

When Durzo grew older to his late teens he started drinking to drown his sorrow and was attacked by shadows on his way home.He thought they where figments of his imagination until he walked into one which he coincidentaly broke his whisky bottle on its head and punted it. He then started running to his home only to be attacked by more of the dark creatures he was forced to use skills he hadn't used in years and punched them untill they dissolved. When he got home he locked the door and couldn't sleep untill morning.He never drank again

Durzo eventually started traveling to learn what the mysterious black shadows were.

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Post by the real toado98 on Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:57 pm

i tried my hardest to make this please no rejection

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Post by Insulation on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:26 pm

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