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Post by DarkThePhantom on Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:08 pm

Albert Odolf Pbucket

Name: Albert Odolf

Age: 16

Personality: Easily excited. Can be outgoing once you get to know him, but usually he tends to be anti-social.

Race: Somebody

Weapon: "Dragoneer" - a spinning-top toy with blades attached commonly known as a "Beyblade." However, unlike regular beyblades, this one's blades are real metal and can be controlled by Albert using magic ability(omit the last part if necessary).

Class: Spell Knight: A warrior of fusion. Able to wield weapons and magical items, it allows them to be able to focus on magical and physical properties. Due to having some capability at both, they aren't extremely potent at either.

Spells/Abilities: Fire

Additional Information: 5'4” tall with a medium build. Likes to play beyblade.


Being raised as an ordinary child is not an easy thing, moreso if that child's imagination rules his entire world. Average parents with average jobs, everything about Albert's life was ordinary. However, this child was anything but ordinary.

Every day after school, Albert would find himself playing a game called "Beyblade" on the corner of the street.

"Let it rip!" Albert would shout, as he pulled a cord through a small device that dropped a small plastic top down into a bowl in a spinning motion. This top would spin and collide with other tops, often destroying the other tops it went up against.

Because of this, Albert would often get in trouble with his parents; though he was also entering his rebellious phase. Even when grounded, Albert found himself sneaking out of his second-story window, and back onto that street corner, playing even more games.

Until that fated day. The day everything went to black.

Albert went to go play his usual game of beyblade, only to find that his street corner had been over-run by strange, dark creatures. As one of the creatures charged at the young beyblade-clad teen, Albert did what he could. He launched his bladed toy top at the darkness.

Surprisingly, that small top's blades glimmered in the sunlight, flying through the head of the charging dark creature, and landing on the ground, still spinning.

"Go get them!" He shouted to his blade before pointing at the other creatures of darkness, watching as his beyblade carved them up like a turkey dinner. This was what he was meant for. This is what he would live for.


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Albert Odolf Empty Re: Albert Odolf

Post by the real toado98 on Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:55 pm

bey's have to have an animal spirit and name

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Post by Insulation on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:18 pm

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