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Post by Kiyomi on Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:09 pm

Selena Knightshade Queen

Name: Selena Knightshade

Age: 20

Personality: Find out yourself.

Race: Somebody [Half-Dragon]

Weapon: 2h-Sword

Class: Knight


Strengthara - Boosts Strength x3

Additional Information:
Height - 5'6
Eye Color - Red

Biography: Selena was born from the Mix of a Human and a Dragon. She is Proclaimed as a Half Dragon. She was easily abused and always in trouble. She felt sad usually. That is... untill she Left her home. She left around the age of 16 and went to live under water with her Friend.. Allen. She has lived about 4 years with him organizing a group called the "White Knights". She liked hanging out with him.

Selena was alerted by Allen. Allen ran at her from his room as she sat on the stairs outside there Base. He quickly said, "I HAD ANOTHER VISION...!!" as Selena asked him what it was about he warned her saying, "A Big Heart in the sky it is going to Explode it will hurt every living Creature..." Selena smiled she said to him, "Begin Recruiting now is the time we will need more people...

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Selena Knightshade Empty Re: Selena Knightshade

Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:09 pm

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