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Post by DarkThePhantom on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:30 pm

Noah Jordan Pbucket

Name: Noah Jordan

Age: 22/ 10(Heartless)

Personality: Cold, concise. Does not like people, not even other heartless. Aloof, almost. He has a tendency to attack anything that has a heart, as it is his nature.

Race: Humanoid Heartless

Weapon: Iris – A half-length barreled Musket, used for mid-range fighting. Can fire up to four bullets before manual reload. Made from shadows to mimic hardened steel.
Alice – A basic longsword made from the shadows to mimic hardened steel.
Both of these weapons seem to have “Conversations” with Noah, and he often replies to them. This may or may not be a property of the weapons, or it may just be Noah being insane.

Class: Dual-wielder

Spells/Abilities: N/A for now.

Additional Information: 5'9” tall with a medium build. Has no hobbies.


Waking up every morning was good, if not almost fun, for the mild-mannered Aaron Jordan. The bright sunlight streaming across his face was a constant reminder of how his life had become so great. With a beautiful fiancee, a stable job as a construction worker, and a child on the way, Aaron could not see how his life would be any better. He'd become well known in his community, constantly helping people when needed, at no cost.

Six months left until his marriage. Three until the child was to be born. Aaron had planned his new life down to the dot, keeping every job and engagement that he'd made until this point. He'd happily run along the streets proclaiming his love for his future wife, happily making claims about how his future son would become the best baseball player in the world. Even going so far as to buying multiple sized uniforms and baseball/tee-ball bats for his future child, buying himself a catcher's mit.

However, his happy life would come tumbling down on top of him. Dreams shattering so hard it seemed everyone around him could feel it too. His fiancee had gotten into an accident, or rather, it was as if she'd been attacked. Her body had been cut into pieces, and the unborn child was missing. The strain of seeing his fiancee's mangled body with her completely empty womb drove the happy Aaron Jordan onto the edge.

After about two weeks of searching, Aaron found his child. The fetus was abandoned in a trashcan about three miles out, its head was separated from its body. Upon finding the baby's headless body, Aaron disappeared from the sight of his community, never even leaving his house.

One day, one of Aaron's neighbors stepped into his house in order to bring him food. Startled, the neighbor ran out of the house and back into her own to immediately pick up the phone and call the cops. The Police arrived in the once-upstanding man's house, disgusted at what they'd seen. Four of the five police officers that had entered the building came out of the house barfing, exclaiming that the man was eating the fetus of his unborn child, from the toes up.

This act lead the once-happy engaged young carpenter to jail. However, he wouldn't make it to his proposed death-sentence. While transferring Aaron to another, more well-equipped, precinct, the bus used to transfer suspects was attacked, much like the fiancee. This time, though, there were strange, dark creatures climbing along the bus as it toppled over, reaching into the chest of the future inmates and pulling out what seemed to be their hearts.

“Come, come and get me. I am one of you. We are one.” Aaron spoke to the creatures, his voice trembling in excitement and fear. Crawling forward, Aaron slowly made his way to the shadowy creatures, leaving his chest open to their touch.

Pain, sorrow, anguish. He could feel them all as his heart was lifted from his chest, his lungs and voice screaming in agony without his control. Suddenly, all was dark.
“Thank the lords!” Aaron thought to himself, thinking the end was near.

Until he opened his eyes. His eyes opened, revealing himself to be a new figure, standing just outside of the bus he'd been taken on. His mind raced around the idea that he'd survived once again, only to feel the pain of his heart. The moment his heart came into his mind, Aaron found himself no longer thinking, no longer remembering.

He was like a newborn child, no name, no history, no memories. He'd awaken to something new, something that felt natural.

“Why'd you let us die?” A woman's voice called out to the new man, coming from his right hand.

He'd looked down, only to see that a small musket was speaking to him, unsuspectedly, this did not surprise him.

“Why couldn't you save us?” Another voice, that of a young girl, maybe four years of age.

This time there was a longsword in his left hand speaking to him; though he couldn't recognize either of the voices. Ignoring the two voices in his head, Noah began to wander away from the burning bus, towards a gleaming light in the distance.


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Noah Jordan Empty Re: Noah Jordan

Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:32 pm

Temporarily approved by RenaKerensky : D I love the story!! It kept me on edge! >: )

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Noah Jordan Empty Re: Noah Jordan

Post by Insulation on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:39 pm

Approval confirmed by Insulation and RenaKerensky!~ As mentioned the story was amazing. :>

Also, want to make sure you understand how we role play guns on this server. While we do use guns, they don't use actual bullets, they use 'magical' bullets, which do not one hit a person as a normal bullet would.


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Noah Jordan Empty Re: Noah Jordan

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