The Sixth Sin: Greed

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The Sixth Sin: Greed Empty The Sixth Sin: Greed

Post by Lillytopbottom on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:49 pm

Name: Greed

Age: Unknown

Personality: Greed, she wants everything in the world to be her's, and she wants ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD! She also gambles alot, and is very, VERY lucky.

Race: Soulless

Weapon: Ancient treasures, her endless amount of munni, a golden dagger that steals munni from an enemy each time she slashes them and increases the amount of drops that will come from them.

Class: Lady Luck/Thief

Spells/Abilities: Munni Toss: She throws money at the enemy, which damages them for how ever much munni was tossed.
Steal: She quickly steals some items from the target.
Pilfer: She steals some munni from the target.
Slots: She uses slots to gamble on an attack.
Dice: She rolls some dice to gamble on an attack.
Lucky Lady(passive): Doubles the amount of items and munni dropped from an enemy.
Stealth: She turns invisible for a long time, able to move around.
Sneak Attack: She attacks an enemy in stealth.
Backstab: She stabs an enemy in the back with her gold dagger.

Additional Information: She loves to command servants around.

Biography: Greed was born as a poor girl, she was, for a time a servant to a king and queen, one day she came to clean their room and saw all of the things that were there, and she was dazzled at the piles of munni scattered everywhere, and she aimed to have that. She resigned as the servant and became a thief, at first she stole some munni from the king and queen themselves, and she was chased, when it looked like the end for her, suddenly they all stepped on a mine and blew up, so she continued to steal from royalty and nobility, and each time, her luck saved her, and she learned to be more sneaky. In time she got so much gold she became royalty, but soon enough she was convicted of her crimes and almost executed, but she stole te keys from the guard and escaped. She had a taste of luxury, but she wasn't going to let that be it! She deserved all the munni and treasure in the world!

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The Sixth Sin: Greed Empty Re: The Sixth Sin: Greed

Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:05 pm

Approved by RenaKerensky: Be careful, and don't go too overboard with the stealing and pilfering. Stealth will last all of 6 posts.

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