Deception, the 5th Sin

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Deception, the 5th Sin Empty Deception, the 5th Sin

Post by ReinaRyuugu on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:42 pm

Deception, the 5th Sin Jackconceptart

Name: Deception, the 5th Sin

Age: Unknown

Personality: Emotionless, like all Soulless

Race: Soulless

Weapon: He carries several masks on his back which he uses to fight. When wearing a mask, he transforms into the creature displayed on it. He will gain more masks as the story continues. Now he only has the Snake, the Bull and the Woman.

Spells/Abilities: Transform

Additional Information: He is a member of the Outcast Shadows, ranked 5th.

Deception once was a normal somebody, working as a spy for King Mickey. He was pretty good as his job, until he failed one mission and got betrayed by his own master. After this, he lost all he had and commited suicide. However, as comitting suicide is a heavy sin, his soul wouldn't be accepted into heaven, so it got cast into the depths of the darkness. Wandering around for a long time, he came across a strange man. This man was clad in a coat made of darkness and he gave him a strange mask telling him to wear it. As he put it on, he changed. Losing all of his emotions, he got corrupted by the masks power and changed into a soulless being. Now, every time as he kills a creature, he can capture the souls of these beings and trap them in a mask, giving him the ability to change into said creature if he wears the mask. After some time, testing his abilities, he came across a woman. He immediately sensed the same aura as he self had, noticing she was a soulless as well. The woman, named Lust, showed him a group of people, called the Outcast Shadows, and told him of their plan to get revenge on the light. He agreed to help them with his powers and got the title of Deception, the 5th sin.


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Deception, the 5th Sin Empty Re: Deception, the 5th Sin

Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:44 pm

Approved. Don't go too overboard on the masks, and transformation...

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