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Post by Lillytopbottom on Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:56 pm

Name: Amy Loveheart

Age: 10

Personality: Nice, clever, and ADORABLE

Race: Human

Weapon: Her cart, which is equipped with a cart-sized cannon when she's not maintaining her shop. She just puts items in the cannon and aims the cannon at enemies and shoots! She even uses Mix with her cannon.

Class: Chemist/Merchant-She is a master of items, she can mix together items to make more powerful ones, with enough ingredients she can smith new items, and she can open a shop to sell people ethers, weapons, potions, and such.

Spells/Abilities: Use: She uses an item on an enemy, or a use only supportive item.
Mix: She mixes two items together to attack, or to support her allies.
Smith: She takes out her anvil and makes items.
Open up Shop: She opens up her shop to sell stuff for munny.
Cart Items: She rummages through her cart for awhile to pull out an item to use.

Additional Information:
Height: 3 foot 11
Weight: 93 pounds
Hobbies: Eating cookies, eating cookies with milk, drinking milk, and selling items.
Pet pieves: Meanie butts!
She can run very fast :3

Biography: She was born into the noble Loveheart family, which are known as very accomplished merchants/chemists, who rose to fame for being very accomplished at chemistry, so they can make items that are very powerful, and useful to sell for a decent amount. She decided to come along with Alex so that she can get her family more fame and munny, yay!!!! Also, her whole family is still alive, and they're living in a place full of peace without heartless...


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Amy Loveheart Empty Re: Amy Loveheart

Post by Insulation on Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:55 pm

Approved by Insulation, don't go crazy with the canon though~


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