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Post by Punchout414 on Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:35 am

Name: Lizako Fuzakari

Age: 14

Personality:Loves andventuring more then any thing

Race: Human Dragon

Weapon: Carries a magical flute capable of sealing.

Class: (Spell Knight)

Spells/Abilities: Sweet music: A soothing tune she can play that will make people around here feel relaxed. The longer it is played, the more relaxed that person becomes.

Lets start a riot: A song she uses to make people angered at one another. This is to get out of a tight situation. It turns people against each other and the longer it's played, the more mad they get. The point is for allies to turn against each other so she can sneak off.

Charmed, Im sure: A song that will make the anyone near infuatated with her. Gender, sexual pref, does not matter. If not stopped while she is playing, the person will at some point even fall in love with her.

Dragonic rage: She can use a final type of attack while in her dragon form. However, after the attack she is drained and is K.O.ed.

Barrier: When she plays her flute and the barrier appears, it reduces the damage from attacks. However if she went against a attack with someone who just wtf outclasses her, it will peirce the barrier.

Additional Information: Hobbies: Annoying people.
Biography:Her past is rarely known. She only knows if the older sister she has, and has never been told of anything else. Ever since she was six many people in the living there thought somewhat good to her, however, only so much respect can be earned as a human dragon. She is athletic and does not seem to have anything to her that is off. She has grown a huuge survival instinct, from being raised around all the monsters. She is usually seen hanging around the rooftops of the place.

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Lizako,Fuzakari Empty Re: Lizako,Fuzakari

Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:47 am

Approved by RenaKerensky.. She is apprentice to Dragon Sage Karui in Ebonwing

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