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Post by Kiyomi on Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:03 am

Suki  Girlwithbrownhair

Name: Suki

Age: 22

Personality: Changes as the RP goes on.

Race: Human

Weapon: Katars

Class: Warrior/Psychic


Resistance- Suki has high resistance against Mind or Psychic attacks.

Sonado- A really high speed moving technique. With this skill you move as fast as light itself. This move can only be used to travel.

Nin- This move is great for escaping the Enemy for this move has a 75% chance to cloak the user. Allowing them to Escape.

Telepathy- Most of you should know this by now.

Wind Katar- Suki can transfer the power of wind into her Katar. When she strike is sends razor sharp winds where she attacks IF it makes contact.

Fly- Suki can Fly.

Beserk- Suki is stronger within an area with fresh Air. Meaning anywhere outside. She has 2x Strength.

Sense- Suki is strong enough in mind and soul To sense the Lifeforce of others within the planet she is on.

Suki was born an Only Child. She progressed her skills alone mostly. Not many people took interest in her. She usually looked bad. Just Recently she found new clothes and a lake. She has been bathing herself in it making her look cleaner. She is Happily traveling now. She looks to have fun adventures and friends.

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Suki  Empty Re: Suki

Post by Insulation on Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:06 am

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