I am 'Dusk', a pleasure of bringing your end.

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I am 'Dusk', a pleasure of bringing your end.

Post by Almishal on Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:56 am

Name: I named myself 'Dusk' for it is the time of day I 'woke' up from my sleep and began a new genesis of damnation.

Age: I am rather 'old' from what others tell me, but like them I wonder why I look young like a twentish person girl.

Personality: I am cold towards the dying, ruthless upon the mercy-seeking, ignorant upon the so-called wise persons, dangerous around those that protect, sadistic from beginning to end, and such negative aspects that 'people' that they have 'seen' to me.

Race: Not even the bearer of light himself nor the one with the strongest of heart is able to pierce my hunger, for I am a Nobody.

Weapon: The scythe I carry is what I use to bring pain to others, and it is made from the countless bones, bathed with blood by many as well as fed by their flesh.

Class: I am classified as a black mage, but I am on par on most fighters out there because of my life-seeking scythe. Some-sort of a mage figthing with a scythe, a reaper, or maybe the Harbinger of Death himself.

Spells/Abilities: I have learned Blizzaga and Thundaga from the countless but hopeless mages I have killed over the past years and ages, along with the powerful Firaga from a strong but foolish mage. Yes, he thought I was merely a 'human' to begin with. His mistake cost him his life. Yes, I learn spells when they are used many times towards others or ME.

Additional Information: I am almost five feet, only that I am at four and a nine. I do not know my weight, but yet I will say around eighty pounds or maybe even less. I tend to wander along with my scythe behind me from place to place, killing people that disturbs me or rather enjoying the bloodfest when I do so. I rarely sleep at night nor morning because of my ill-nature. I am restless for what entertains me or the travels I do.

Biography: Upon waking up upon the cold ground of this barren wasteland I have come upon to seek one thing my soul cries out - death and destruction. Yes, what feeds me are the cries of both anguish and pain as I bring terror and torment upon my adversaries. Feeding on them, partially making me 'nourished' for a period of time. To be able to cast the basic spells of a magi is merely a child's play to me but not of those excelling with such art.

I merely wander a world that I am in, but if given the chance then that of another, in search of victims for my undying hunger. Blazing them towards their pitied stake, making them into blocks of ice and shattering them, turn them to ashes by a great strike of lightning or even worse than those I mentioned. My power grows bit by bit as my soul feeds and craves for more suffering. You ought not to see me staring at you blankly, for it could mean many things : one of those being my unlucky prey.


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Re: I am 'Dusk', a pleasure of bringing your end.

Post by GameMaster85 on Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:22 am

Accepted by the Bromunity aka GameMaster85.


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Re: I am 'Dusk', a pleasure of bringing your end.

Post by Insulation on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:58 pm

Confirmed by Insulation! I really love the profile. :>


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Re: I am 'Dusk', a pleasure of bringing your end.

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