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Post by Master Magma on Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:52 am

Lord Death ShinigamiSama

Name:Lord Death


Personality: Charismatic


Weapon:The Lure Breaker(Keyblade)
Lord Death Lurebreaker

Class:Taijutsu/Keyblade Wielder/Dark Magician

Spells/Abilities:Majin hunt,Kishin Hunt,Shadow Skull Arms,Shinigami Chop,ShockWaves,Skull Shield,Dragon Claw.

Biography:In the past, Lord Death wore a far more grim-looking skull mask, which he changed from this more frightful mask after the establishment of Death Weapon Miester Academy because it always scared the children. He also had black claws with his signature written on one and had a deep, menacing voice.
Unmasked:Lord Death Behind_the_mask__by_nekooutrage-d3l4csp
He house his arms and covers his entire body with his face being covered by his skull mask. It has not been shown what he looks like without the mask on, but since his son appears as a human, Lord Death may also have a human appearance.
Angry/Serious:Lord Death Shinigami-mad-soul-eater-9629572-488-275
Death isn't evil he tries to protect the world from heartless,and his still trying.He obtained the keyblade from the graveyard,he chose The LureBreaker because he thinks it goes with his appearance(He want people to fear him too).He usually appear to help someone in their quest.He always teleport to people.He'll join a group but for a long time(really he'll stay for a long time but not be around the group,sometimes).He usually read book to learn new spells,he haven't mastered alot of spells(As you can see).He likes to teach Newbie Magicians because he like to teach people to become stronger!
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Lord Death Empty Re: Lord Death

Post by Insulation on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:46 pm


One: You cannot start with a keyblade you have to earn it.

Two: You cannot make a direct canon, unless it is from Final Fantasy.

Three: If you want to use a ripped character, you must change their name and history.

Four: You have to explain what each ability does if it is not already from Final Fantasy.

Five: If you're making a custom class you need to explain what that class is and what it is capable of.


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