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~ The Fourth Sin, Desire ~ Empty ~ The Fourth Sin, Desire ~

Post by Insulation on Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:55 pm

"Desire.. It can be a lovely thing, or it can be your worst nightmare.."


;[Twenty-Nine Twenty One];


;[The Insidious Butterfly Knives];

;[Spell Knight];


  • Enhanced Attributes: He of course is much better than your typical human physically, although he's much more excelled at speed and dexterity, also quite decent at being silent.

  • Insidious Butterfly Knives: Passed down to him from someone yet to be mentioned. Cuts like every other knives, but it's said to be able to even cut through magical attacks. Also, after cutting, it leaves behind an extremely painful feeling.

  • Desire: His unique ability related to his name. As his desire for something increases and he has not gained whatever it is, his attributes will steadily increase until he is that of a berserker. It's also the same case for someone holding a desire for something near him, even if it's something as little of a desire to defeat him.

  • Sinful Suggestions: He's able to produce an odd aroma, that seems to come from his skin. This aroma can induce multiple effects from the people around him.

  • Efficacious Transformations: He's been known to change his shape to get his way.

  • Desirable Elementalist: Self-explanatory; the ability to manipulate the elements as the user wishes.

;[Personality? He truly holds no such thing. He'll change up his personality within a snap of a finger to get whatever it is he desires. He's become extremely well at doing so and constantly does it whenever he feels the need too];

;[Desire can be a terrible sin.. It's insisted for you to desire things for your goals, but it's not limited to that. You can hold desire for anything, maybe a simple object, a person.. You may think it's similar to the sin known as 'Lust', but desire is not only limited to sex, it is much worse because you can desire anything in the world. This being, born to inherit this terrible sin has always been strongly linked to it his entire life, only officially became Soulless at Twenty-One. He can hold desire for the most random things or practically everything, and some times when he doesn't get his way he can become a beserk man. It's a terrible curse, but it can also be an incredible gift. In battle, he'll hold the desire to win and that alone can drive him to strive for it, ignoring things that are occurring to him and only aiming for that desire. Careful.. You don't want him to develop desire for yourself or any of your belongings];

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~ The Fourth Sin, Desire ~ Empty Re: ~ The Fourth Sin, Desire ~

Post by RenaKerensky on Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:31 am

Approved by RenaKerensky~ Be careful with the Sinful Suggestions, though >: )

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