1st Sin: Despair

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1st Sin: Despair Empty 1st Sin: Despair

Post by Thunder Kuigi on Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:51 pm

Name: Despair

Age: 32(Looks to be in his early twenties physically)

Personality: Dark, serious when needs to be, cruel, harsh, cunning

Race: Souless

Weapon: Twin one handed swords.

Class: Knight

Spells/Abilities: Despair's Souless ability - Enhanced Steel. Enhanced Steel allows the user's body to become as hard as steel, by allowing at least one sword to fuse into the body temporarily to achieve this state. The user will also gain more boosted senses, reflexes, and enhanced speed and strength during this mode. However, due to the temporarily superhuman boosts, the user is more capable of falling into an exhausted state, and should use caution when using this form, for as the user tires, the body will slowly become more and more weaker to attacks, leaving the opponent to be cut up or possibly killed.

Additional Information: Has black hair, pale skin, blue eyes(One is red now), usually wears something over his body to hide his identity, thinks himself to be royal.

Biography: Despair's true identity has been forgotten, possibly because he regrets to remember his former life or he has just simply thrown it away to live a new life. Whatever the case, Despair was consumed into the darkness when he was twenty-one, and awakened to find himself not a heartless, but a Souless. If one looks into his history deep enough, they will find he is not the one who founded the group that leads the Souless known as 'Outcast Shadows.' Instead, he joined it and soon made his way through the ranks, showing his leadership skills were growing and his power along with it. As he reached the top, it all soon became reality that he would have to face the leader, and soon found himself beating the former leader and taking it over.

Today, Despair has been working in secret for years now, the group having changed members a few times here and there, Despair also changing the rules of the group as the years passed by, and now Despair may yet have to find himself faced with new challenges that will determine whether his group is truly worthy of surviving or not.

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1st Sin: Despair Empty Re: 1st Sin: Despair

Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:05 pm

Approved, but the group won't be completely active until The Sequel

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